27 Oct 2014

Internal Training in MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI

We conducted a three-day internal training course in Hørsholm (Denmark), Denver (United States) and Singapore for our employees to learn more about the capabilities of MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI.

A total of 35 staff—all highly skilled with different experiences in using the software—attended the training held in our three offices between June and September 2014. The course aimed to equip the participants with advanced knowledge of MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI, so that they could find the best ways to implement it as a solution for our clients.

The course focused on the topic of ‘Early Warning and Forecast Systems’ along with a general introduction of the software suite. Our trainers provided each participant with practical opportunities to build a flood forecasting system based on MIKE SHE and MIKE 11. At the end of the course, participants had the capability to design, implement and run comprehensive online real-time systems. Specifically, they learnt how to extract data from multiple sources, scheduled model scenarios and disseminate information and warnings. 

‘Equipping our staff with the necessary skills empowers them to build high quality and cost-effective MIKE CUSTOMISED solutions for our clients. At this time, none of our competitors have the ability to deliver solutions with the same bandwidth and flexibility as we do,’ said Lisbeth Pedersen, Business Development Manager, MIKE CUSTOMISED by DHI.

‘The training was fantastic and all of us had a hands-on experience with MIKE CUSTOMISED,’ said Parasuraman Suresh Babu, Section Head, Water Resources.

Michael Daniel Meadows, Senior Water Resources Engineer, echoed his views, ‘An excellent course, providing a perfect balance between theory overview and practical hands-on sessions—highly recommended!’

Plans are underway to extend this training to other global offices, the next one being from 11-13 November in Berlin, Germany.