03 Nov 2014

High-level international training course on scour and marine structures successfully completed

From 23 to 24 October 2014, 14 participants from the energy sector, universities, research institutions, consultancies, and governmental and regional marine institutes and agencies around the world took part.

We conducted the course, entitled ‘Scour around marine structures – Dealing with scour-related problems in water environments’ at our headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark. During the course, participants learned:
  • ways to identify and define scour issues 
  • methods for assessing the risk of scour and possible mitigation solutions for various types of marine structures 
  • the latest research and development in the field of scour-related problems in water environments
‘It was a very useful course’, said Dr Mohammad Dibajnia Baird & Associates (Canada). ‘It gave the participants an overall understanding of the subject and the latest update of available methods and tools – plus their limitations’. 

The participants offered high praise for the course, in particular citing the:
  • technical quality of the course, the trainers and their facilitation
  • approaches to the challenges of scour in marine structures
  • elaboration on the available scour-related tools (MIKE 21, for example) and related tools and technologies
‘It was a very enjoyable and informative course with cutting edge science highly relevant to current OWF [offshore wind farm] development issues around scour in marine and coastal environments’, said Dr Matthew Wright, Partrac Consulting Ltd (United Kingdom).

‘The course is very well organised. All the people at DHI are very enthusiastic and professional in their presentation of this course’, said Mr Yiorgos Perikleous, Cathie Associates SARL (France).

Led by Dr Thor Ugelvig Petersen, the team included Dr Anders Wedel Nielsen and Dr Martin Dixen from our Ports and Offshore Technology Department in Denmark. Dr B. Mutlu Sumer, Professor at the Technical University of Denmark and renowned leading world expert in flow and scour around marine structures, gave a special guest lecture. 

In addition, all the participants received signed copies of the book ‘The mechanics of scour in the marine environment’ by B. Mutlu Sumer and Jørgen Fredsøe. 

'We will run this course in other regions in 2015 through our international network of DHI offices’, said Thor Ugelvig Petersen.


Lecture I by Professor B. Mutlu Sumer, DTU

Lecture II by Professor B. Mutlu Sumer, DTU