12 Aug 2014

Marine scour course 23-24 October 2014 in Denmark

Expand your knowledge of and strengthen your skills assessing scour risk at marine structures, while learning about the latest research in the field of marine scour.

Marine scour courseFrom Thursday, 23 October to Friday, 24 October 2014 THE ACADEMY by DHI will run our training course ‘Scour around marine structures – Dealing with scour-related problems in water environments’. The course, which will be conducted in English, will take place at DHI headquarters in Hørsholm, Denmark. 

Over the course of two days, you will be introduced to the procedures of analysis related to assessing scour risk at marine structures. The focus will be on offshore wind turbine foundations and how to protect against or mitigate scour formation by applying scour protection systems of, for instance, rock dump or mattresses. After the course you will: 

  • be able to identify and define scour issues
  • be able to assess the risk of scour and possible mitigation solutions for various types of marine structures
  • have the latest knowledge of marine scour, gained over the last decade from significant development and research
Are you a MIKE 21 user who wants to familiarise yourself with the new scour calculator in MIKE 21? You'll get hands-on experience doing just that during the course.

Course topics include:
  • flow and force processes in the presence of cylindrical structures
  • hydroelastic (flow-induced) vibrations of slender structures such as marine pipelines and flexibly-mounted cylinders
  • an explanation of drag, inertia and lift forces in currents and waves
  • scour around marine structures including offshore wind turbine foundations, gravity-based structures (GBS), cables and pipelines
  • scour related problems: deprivation of the general sea bed level, migration of large bed forms, edge scour and sinking of scour protections
  • scour in complex soils
  • scour protections systems (counter measures): types, rock dump, mats, installation and monitoring
  • hands-on exercises including computer simulations in MIKE 21 
You can download the full course description here. For more information about the course, contact Thor Ugelvig Petersen at tup@dhigroup.com. To register for the course, contact course coordinator Loni Skov Madsen on +45 4516 9160 / mikebydhi@dhigroup.com / lms@dhigroup.com. 

The deadline to register is Thursday, 2 October 2014. The deadline for early bird registration is Thursday, 18 September 2014. 

We look forward to seeing you at our course!