08 May 2014

Successful FEFLOW Workshop in Denver, USA

On May 8th we conducted a successful FEFLOW Workshop during the 2014 NGWA Groundwater Summit in Denver, USA

Rounding out our presence at the 2014 NGWA Groundwater Summit, the North-American and German DHI offices jointly offered the State-Of-The-Art Groundwater Modeling For Water Resources Management And Well-Field Operation workshop on May 8 in downtown Denver. 

Hosted by Bob Prucha of the DHI Denver office, the full-day event attracted 50 attendees. The morning session had Volker Clausnitzer, Director of MIKE by DHI Germany, and Anna Zabel, Senior Modeler at DHI, presenting key features of FEFLOW 6.2 and new developments, including a glimpse at fully flexible tetrahedral meshing. Lively feedback was prompted in particular by the groundwater-age computation capability giving FEFLOW 6.2 peerless efficiency in capture-zone delineation and quantification. 

The afternoon was dedicated to eight individual case studies illustrating advanced FEFLOW use, including unsaturated flow in mining contexts, large-scale preferential flow in contamination studies, density-affected flow, and current research on integrated modeling.