20 Dec 2013

MIKE by DHI 2014 is now available for download

We are delighted to announce that the MIKE by DHI 2014 software package is officially released and available for download. This new release brings you the latest in modelling software for water environments, and it includes a number of new features and significant performance improvements.

Get the latest software for modelling water environments now! 
We are delighted to announce that the MIKE by DHI 2014 software package is officially released and available for download. 
MIKE by DHI 2014 is the epitome of speed, increased productivity and easy access to data and expert knowledge. With significant performance improvements, this new release comprises the fastest, most reliable and widest range of software products yet – enabling enhanced modelling solutions for water professionals around the world.

Speed up your models with MIKE by DHI 2014 
With Release 2014, we are proud to introduce a number of new features and improvements to increase performance and efficiency. This includes our new MIKE 21 GPU module, allowing you to speed up your MIKE 21 FM and MIKE FLOOD simulations significantly. Furthermore, all graphical user interface (GUI) editors and tools in MIKE Zero have been 64-bit enabled and major steps have been taken to significantly increase performance and usability of all MIKE products with 1D engines.

Increased openness, flexibility and access to data 
In addition to performance, openness and flexibility are important to us. Now, we take openness one step further as MIKE by DHI 2014 includes a software development kit (SDK), allowing experienced modellers to easily write code that accesses and produces files in the main MIKE data formats. Additionally, finding the right data for your project should no longer be an obstacle. MIKE by DHI 2014 integrates with our online data portal, DHI WaterData, with access to a number of datasets that are compatible with your MIKE by DHI models.

These improvements and wealth of new features open up all new prospects for, what you can do with your MIKE by DHI software and once again emphasises, why MIKE by DHI is the ideal software package for every aspect of global water environments.

MIKE by DHI- more than just software 
By using our software, you get access to a worldwide support system of people that are highly motivated to assist you. You also get access to THE ACADEMY by DHI, offering a unique selection of competence building activities, enabling you to become an expert within your field.

Want to know more? 
For more detailed information, please read the Release Notes or click on each of the four market areas (on the right). 
You can also read more about MIKE by DHI 2014 and our product offerings in our Software Catalogue 2014, which is available at www.mike-by-dhi.com
So get started with MIKE by DHI 2014 now and enjoy the experience of the friendly water modelling software and the people behind it.

Click here to download MIKE by DHI 2014. MIKE by DHI 2014