10 Oct 2013

More than 300 participants attended the Italian DHI conference

On 9-10 October, our Italian office held the biennial DHI conference.

This year, the conference – the 7th of its kind - took place in Torino in Italy and attracted a wide range of Italian water professionals. More than 300 people from all over Italy participated in the conference, including users from private organisations, public bodies, authorities, universities and research institutions.

Numerous project presentations and strategic focus on DSS and EIA 

The programme included presentations of real-world applications. Around 50 projects were presented covering a wide range of water environments and with a strategic focus on water modelling and decision support systems (DSS).

In Italy our MIKE by DHI modelling software is a standard in inland, marine and groundwater modelling and is also gaining ground in urban and wastewater modelling.

In connection with this conference, we scheduled two parallel seminars on DSS and environmental impact assessments (EIA).

The conference allowed time for discussion, networking and reflection on the challenges faced in the Italian water sector and on the role of DHI. On the latter, participants agreed on a suitable definition of DHI as a ‘neutral melting pot’.

We would like to thank participants and presenters for contributing to a successful conference.