14 Oct 2013

MIKE 21 GPU - the fastest 2D solver ever!

If you are using MIKE 21 FM HD or Flexible Mesh solver with MIKE FLOOD, you are getting a pleasant surprise with Release 2014!

With the new release, your update package automatically includes a brand new version of the MIKE 21 FM HD module. The new version, MIKE 21 Graphical Processor Units (GPU), is “GPU-card enabled”. This means that it is able to use the graphics card on your PC to speed up simulations significantly.

Speed up your models 

Depending on the model setup and the type of GPU, the speed-up can be a factor 100 or more compared to running the same simulation on a single processor CPU*. For some model setups and GPUs, this also means that MIKE 21 FM is now faster than MIKE 21 'Classic' - the single grid version of MIKE 21 HD - when using exactly the same rectangular mesh.

Simulation speed (speed-up factor) for a high resolution Mediterranean model with and without GPU card. (MIKE 21 FM running single precision, first order scheme)

The technology behind MIKE 21 GPU: How does it work? 

The computational engine of MIKE 21 FM HD has been reprogrammed to make use of the latest graphical processor units - hardware that is otherwise typically used for speeding up computer games.

How will I get MIKE 21 GPU? 

MIKE 21 GPU is available, at no extra cost, to all owners of corporate licences of MIKE 21 or MIKE FLOOD with valid software maintenance agreement (SMA). This means that there is no licence fee and no increase in SMA costs. If you do not have a valid SMA or if you own a personal licence, you will be able to purchase it as an upgrade to your existing software.

Where can I read more about MIKE 21 GPU? 

We have produced two detailed performance reports, including comparisons of the performance of MIKE 21 GPU with the non-GPU enabled MIKE 21 FM HD. Click on the links to the left to read the benchmark and verification reports. 

*The speed-up of more than 100 has been achieved using a two core HP workstation with Intel® Core™ i3-2120 Processor (2 core, 3.30 GHZ), 8 GB of RAM and a GeForce GTX TITAN card. The operating system was Windows 7. Results for other GPU cards are available in the benchmark report.