27 Oct 2013

Applying ECO lab for solving ecosystem challenges

DHI offers state-of-the-art ecological modelling and software to solve challenges in aquatic ecosystems in combination with classical hydrodynamic modelling.

Dynamic ecological modelling has been part of our core solutions for decades. ECO Lab – our dynamic ecological modelling tool – is the basis for an ecosystem approach to environmental management. It allows quantitative, dynamic descriptions of water quality in the short- or long-term and includes nutrient dynamics, plankton, eelgrass, macroalgae and benthic fauna. 

The different standard ECO Lab models are developed and optimised to address specific environmental challenges. These include including varying climatic conditions and varying complexities – from simple interactions to complex ecosystem models. 

With such ecological modelling, we can:

  • enable ecosystem-based management
  • manage environmental resources efficiently
  • enable swift and smooth project approval, commencement, progress and operation
  • assess environmental footprints accurately

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