12 Sep 2013

MIKE FLOOD successful in the second UK Environment Agency 2D model benchmarking study

We are pleased to announce that MIKE FLOOD have once again taken part in the UK Environment Agency (EA) benchmarking study; ‘Benchmarking the latest generation of 2D hydraulic modelling packages’.

The Environment Agency has recently concluded a revised benchmarking study with the overall objectives to:

  1. Provide an up-to-date picture of capabilities of the latest generation of 2D modelling tools
  2. To create evidence that 2D flood inundation modelling packages used for flood risk management by the Environment Agency and its consultants are capable of adequately predicting the variables on which flood risk management decisions are based.

MIKE FLOOD was once again successfully applied to all of the predefined test cases developed by the EA. Model applications range from small scale laboratory models to real case flood modelling applications requiring stand-alone 2D modelling or 1D-2D coupled modelling with either river or urban pipe network coupled to the 2D overland flow model. MIKE FLOOD performed with excellence and delivered the simulation results expected for all test cases - both in terms of hydrodynamics and computational performance. For more than 10 years now, MIKE FLOOD continues to prove its robustness and superior applicability in a large variety of flood related applications.

The Environment Agency benchmarking report is available here.

2D models as benchmarked by the Environment Agency in UK require a strong combination of high accuracy and speed. MIKE by DHI offers a unique palette of options for hydraulic modelling with an unsurpassed flexibility with respect to options for both model schematisation as well as speed. We have a model mesh to suit your needs:

  • Rectangular grid with nesting
  • Flexible mesh with triangular and rectangular elements
  • Curvilinear mesh

Our simulation engines offer varying speed-up options depending on your hardware and modelling requirements:

  • Multi-core processing on desktop PCs (parallelisation)
  • High performance computing (HPC) on computer clusters
  • Graphical processing unit (GPU) on local desktop (available with MIKE by DHI, release 2014)
  • MIKE in the cloud: Software as a Service (SaaS) for cloud computing.

The hydrodynamic results from your MIKE FLOOD modelling form the basis for utilisation of a whole host of software to assess your modelling challenges including

  • Storm surge, waves and tsunami
  • Advection-dispersion
  • Water quality processes
  • Hydro-ecological processes
  • Agent based simulation
  • Integrated catchment simulation covering the complete hydrological cycle
  • Climate change scenario modelling

For more information on the unique palette of 2D modelling options with MIKE by DHI, please contact your local DHI office or send us an e-mail at mikebydhi@dhigroup.com.