21 Aug 2013

Record attendance at the annual DHI Conference in South Africa

14 August 2013 marked an important day for DHI South Africa as attendees arrived at the venue for the annual conference.

The conference generated a large amount of interest within the water sector in Southern Africa and attracted a large number of participants.

More than 80 participants joined the conference for which the focus was “Improving Water Management in the SADC”. An interesting and relevant programme supported by a broad range of professional presenters from Government, not-for-profit organisations, parastatals, academia and the private sector, contributed to this year’s record attendance.

Presentations were generally followed by lively discussion. Key issues of discussion centred on managing water more effectively through real time operations as well as leakage management as a number of attendees from water ministries in the SADC region were inspired to take lessons back home. Water stewardship also sparked some remarkable discussions as it is one of the initiatives that are still taking ground. The extensive discussions about water networks were notable, as the presenter delivered a new perspective. Attendees also discovered another facet of DHI and marvelled at a presentation on capacity building by a university professor that his University is benefiting from through some of the initiatives carried out by THE ACADEMY by DHI.

Networking opportunities across industries and disciplines

There was ample opportunity to network at the event. Conference attendees came from a broad spectrum of different industries and disciplines and many different countries within the SADC region. Feedback on the programme was extremely positive and DHI South Africa has been encouraged to provide a similar conference next year. 
We would like to thank the participants, presenters and collaborators who made this conference a great success.