20 Jul 2013

Tailored training conducted for DIPSOH Coastal Department in Argentina

During July, our agent in Argentina conducted a tailored training course for the Sanitation and Water Works Provincial Direction (DIPSOH) of Buenos Aires.

The training was scheduled in connection with an acquisition of a MIKE 21 marine software package in order to increase know-how and abilities of applying the software in their particular projects. In addition to marine software, the purchase also included a MIKE URBAN model for the Buenos Aires Department. The training programme was composed of three parts of various duration and topics:

  • From 8-9 July, 12 participants were gathered in Buenos Aires to learn about MIKE Zero, MIKE 21 HD (hydrodynamic) Classic and FM (flexible mesh). The participants were particularly interested in coastal erosion processes and coastal structures as well as flooding issues. 
  • On 13 July, four days of training took place in Mar del Plata where the local trainers, Martín Marazzi and Vartush Akaprahamyan, focused on MIKE 21 SW, including the sediment transport modules; LITPACK, LITDRIFT and LITLINE. 
  • Educational field trip and insight into coastal modelling
  • Third part of the course was completed on 30 July with five days of training in Mar del Plata. This training was conducted by our expert Juan Carlos Savioli, who shared some of his vast experience and proficiency within coastal and marine projects. The five days of training evolved around the software MIKE 21 ST (sand transport), MIKE 21 Integrated Model (HD, SW, ST), MIKE 21 BW (boussinesq wave). It also allowed room for field trips to interest points, such as cliffs zones, different coastal protection structures in La Perla and Mar Chiquita, which is an endorheic salt lake and largest of the naturally occurring saline lakes in Argentina.

You can view photos from the training and field trips below. 

We would like to thank our Argentine agent, Martín Marazzi, and his staff for completing a successful and educational training course.