28 Jun 2013

Improving know-how and decision making with MIKE 11 courses in Shanghai

From 17-21 June 2013, our office in China held a successful MIKE 11 public training course at New Garden Hotel in Shanghai.

Nearly 40 participants from scientific research institutions, design companies and universities attended the five-day course. The course was based on the latest version of our software. This included modules such as HD (Hydrodynamics), SO (Structure Operations), RR (Rainfall-runoff), AD (Advection-dispersion), ECO Lab and MIKE 11 GIS.On the first three days of the training course, our water environment engineer Mr. Cai Haijie gave an excellent and detailed lecture about MIKE 11 HD and SO and our assistant engineers supported each participant during the training. For the remaining two days, the course was divided into three simultaneous thematic tracks tailored to the clients' needs and matching their respective research fields; Water quality, flood and water resources. On each thematic track, our highly qualified trainers shared their experience and expertise with the participants.

Our engineers' consulting and project experience gained from work at DHI greatly enriched the software training. The participants did not only obtain software know-how but also a deeper understanding of the way of thinking when confronted with a critical challenge in a project - modelling is a mean to a better decision. 


Two-day advanced MIKE 11 training course 
In addition to the public training course, a two-day MIKE 11 advanced training course was held on 22 June 2013 at our office in Shanghai. 11 participants had enrolled in this course, which was held by Dr. Zhang Haiping and Mr. Zhang Yongpeng from our Inland Department. 

Dr. Zhang Haiping, who has nearly 30 years of experience, gave a lecture on the topic of model accuracy evaluation and improving methods. Mr. Zhang Yongpeng, manager of Inland Department, discussed MIKE 11 modelling methods and hydraulic structure simulation. Both of them have extensive knowledge and project experience with MIKE 11 applications, which made the foundation for a successful advanced training course.