26 Nov 2012

Seminars and User Group Meetings well received in South America

On 13-26 November 2012, this year’s South American seminar tour went to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil.

The one-day seminars entitled ‘Software and Solutions for WATER ENVIRONMENTS’ were held in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Lima, Guayaquil and Rio de Janeiro. Local users and clients representing industry, consultants, PLCs, governmental agencies and universities gathered to learn more about the latest developments in DHI water simulation software and methods for addressing and solving water challenges.

DHI and user project presentations 

Local MIKE by DHI users provided examples of model applications in local studies and the new DHI software brand for building decision support systems, MIKE CUSTOMISED, was exemplified through its applications in a number of DHI projects.

DHI South American Road Show 2012

News in MIKE by DHI Release 2012 

Some of the many new features and enhancements made in the MIKE by DHI release 2012 were also presented, including the new tool for Agent (individual) Based Modelling, the ABM Lab, which takes ecological modelling one step further in our attempts to simulate, not only water, but also the species living in it. A one day seminar is not enough time to address all the water related problems that can be solved with the MIKE by DHI family of water simulation tools, or even to demonstrate the technology in sufficient details for a limited number of areas. However, the feedback from the participants certainly indicated that the they enjoyed the seminars and got inspired to learn more.

These seminars were made possible through the huge efforts made by our local agents, organisers and their staff: Carmen Gloria (Kolbach SA, Chile), Martin Marazzi (Argentina), Cesar Rodriguez, Juan Echeverria (ERP, Peru), Oswaldo Sandoval (GeoINT, Ecuador) and Vanessa & Rodrigo (DHI Brasil).