08 Nov 2012

MIKE by DHI Release 2012 is here

We are pleased to announce that the MIKE by DHI 2012 software package is now officially released.

With this new release, we bring you the latest in water modelling software.

The 2012 version offers new important features and significant performance improvements, which increase speed and productivity significantly and allow you to handle much larger amounts of data in an efficient manner. This provides many new possibilities and facilitates the work of practitioners and decision makers around the world even further. 

MIKE by DHI Software 2012 

We want you to be able to meet your future modelling requirements 

Now, with Release 2012, running models and simulations with MIKE by DHI software has become even more efficient allowing you to work faster and with much more comprehensive and complex models than ever before. We are proud to introduce high performance computing (HPC), where you can get access to high performance versions of the FM series as well as remote execution in order to avoid large models monopolising your local PC. Getting access to MIKE software has never been easier and with MIKE by DHI in the cloud and high performance computing versions available, large and complex simulations will never again be an obstacle to reach the best possible results.  Furthermore, when dealing with climate change adaptation, two important improvements have been made, which are the inclusion of Sea Level Changes and the support of 2D data files in the Climate Change tool. Climate change adaption continues to play a major role and will impact us through water first and with these new features it is even easier to be prepared.  With the improvements in Release 2012 it is once again emphasised why MIKE by DHI is the ideal and preferred software package for your business within water environments. As a MIKE user, you can rest assured that you have selected tools that are reliable, exposed to comprehensive quality control and tested by experts.  MIKE by DHI - more than just software

By using our software you get access to a worldwide support system of people that are highly motivated to assist you as well as comprehensive training courses and user events held by experts within their field. 

For more information about the many new features of this release, please check out the specific market area news or our online software catalogue

Check out the new release here and discover what MIKE by DHI software can do for you.