20 Jun 2012

MIKE 11 software training in Tianjin in China

On 11 June 2012, DHI China successfully started a MIKE 11 software training course in Starway Shuanglu Mansion Hotel in Tianjin.

The course was scheduled for 5 days and attracted more than 50 trainees. The five days training included: three days basic training mainly about MIKE 11 NAM, HD & SO and two days training, where the trainees were divided into three smaller classes (Flood class, Water Quality class & Water Resource class). During the training, people from scientific research institutions, design companies, as well as universities learned about MIKE by DHI software (2011 version) and had a great chance to exchange experiences and make new friends.

The five-day MIKE 11 software training came to a happy ending, and during the five days training course, our chief engineer Dr. Zhang Haiping offered an excellent and detailed lecture on MIKE 11 HD, RR & SO. Furthermore, our Water Resources engineers Mr. Zhang Yongpeng, Ms. He Liyan, Ms. Chen Furong, Ms. Wang Ying and Dr. Lu Zhihua, System Development Engineer Mr. Li Jun offered an excellent lecture for Flood class, Water Quality class, and Water Resource class on MIKE 11, AD, WQ, MIKE View, MIKE SHE, Ecolab, FF, DA, GIS, MIKE FLOOD etc. They were assisted by a large number of assistant trainers and every trainee was supported by our assistant engineers, who showed great patience and efforts throughout the entire process. We believe that all trainees gained much more than just software skills about MIKE 11/SHE/FLOOD (2011 Version).

Until now, DHI China has completed half of this year’s public training courses and will hold WEST and MIKE FLOOD public training later this year. Last, but not least, we would like to express our great appreciation to all participants for their support to the staff of DHI China. If you have any problems using the software or have ideas and advice for improvements, please contact DHI China at any time at this address: sos-cn@dhigroup.com.

Photo of the first day showing chief engineer Dr. Zhang Haiping giving a lesson about MIKE 11 (V2011)