25 May 2012

Improved download of MIKE by DHI software

Downloading MIKE by DHI software has never been easier! We are pleased to announce a significant improvement in user experience with MIKE software downloads.

This improvement is a direct result of the implementation of a new, external server hosting solution via Amazon, which facilitates easier access, greater stability, and faster download speed. 

This new solution entails a number of advantages including:

  • Less pressure on local DHI servers due to external storage
  • Scalability to servers available worldwide
  • And most importantly, improved experience for users when downloading MIKE by DHI software

In order to download our software, it merely requires a one-time registration to create a profile. When using this profile to log in to the download page, you immediately get access to multiple software downloads with no need for repeating the log in process.

Also, there exists no download time limitations. This means that users, irrespective of location or connectivity, will be able to complete downloads without interruptions or disconnections.

We hope that you will appreciate this new download solution!

Please note:

  • When registering for the first time, we encourage you to fill out all data in the registration form, as this will help us provide you with the best possible service.