Shape2MIKE Tool 2016

The Shape2MIKE Tool is a MIKE Powered by DHI custom user tool. It is developed for the purpose of automating the process of using shape files to adjust topography or other values in dfs2 files used in MIKE models. The intended application of the tool is to use a polygon shape file of buildings to automatically assign land values to the dfs2 grid cells, which are intersecting the building polygons. It can also be used to ‘burn’ roadways and other features into the dfs2 topography and to map the attribute value of a polygon to the underlying grid cells. The file includes installation instructions and user guide.

This version is developed for MIKE Powered by DHI release 2016, but is likely to also work with previous versions. Please notice that this tool replaces the previous Topography Adjustment Tool 2014.



File nameFile size
DHI.Shape2MIKE2016Tool_32bit.zip11.1 MB
DHI.Shape2MIKE2016Tool_64bit.zip11.1 MB

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