Global Tide Model for heights

MIKE 21 Global Tide model - data for tidal prediction of water levels. An improved version of the Global Tide Model is available in 0.125º x 0.125º resolution. The model is updated with additional 4 years of radar satellite measurement and 2 additional constituents has been added providing better predictions of water levels in shallow water. The updated model includes the following 10 constituents: Semidiurnal: M2, S2, K2, N2 - Diurnal: S1, K1, O1, P1, Q1 - Shallow water: M4.

The data can conveniently be copied to the default folder for tidal constituents (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\DHI\2017\MIKE Zero\Application Data\Tide Constituents). The Global Tide Model is developed by DTU Space. Go to the DTU10 global ocean tide model for more information.

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