MIKE HYDRO River 2022

MIKE HYDRO River is our most versatile river network modelling platform that covers complex river channel networks, lakes, and reservoirs. And when you plug and play with additional modules, MIKE HYDRO RIVER enables you to dynamically simulate river hydraulics, water quality, sediment transport, flooding, forecasting, catchment dynamics and runoff.

MIKE HYDRO River has a highly intuitive graphical user interface and a hydrodynamic engine at its core for powerful one-dimensional map-based modelling. You can design complex control strategies with MIKE HYDRO River using its ability to model a variety of hydraulic structures, like dam break and operational structures.

After clicking the download button, the file will download as a zip file. Please run the setup.exe, choose the downloaded product, start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.


File nameFile size
MIKE_Zero_2022.zip2.14 GB

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