MIKE View Update 1

MIKE View is a stand-alone visualisation tool for numerical model results from a wide selection of water, storm water, sewer and river modelling packages, including MIKE URBAN, MOUSE, MIKE HYDRO RIVER and any model providing standard SWMM 4.4 or EPANET 2.0 result files.

The results can be displayed in combination with time series data imported from other sources, such as ASCII files, MOUSE and MIKE HYDRO RIVER time series databases. Data can be presented as, for example, coloured nodes/pipes in horizontal plan plots, longitudinal profiles, time series and duration curves as well as Q-H relations.

After clicking the download button, the file will download as a zip file. Please run the setup.exe, choose the downloaded product, start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.


File nameFile size
MIKE_View_2021_1.zip325 MB

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