MIKE FLOOD is a complete toolbox for flood modelling with flexibility in model couplings. It allows you to simulate virtually any flood problem in rivers, floodplains, urban and coastal areas.

MIKE FLOOD is the most complete and flexible framework for flood modelling available. Through a large variety of coupling options, MIKE FLOOD can utilise a wide selection of 1D and 2D flood simulation engines and thereby, enable you to model virtually any flood problem. Whether project applications relate to rivers and floodplains, streets and drainage networks, coastal areas, dam and levee breaches or any combination of the above, MIKE FLOOD can combine the appropriate simulation engines and provide the most reliable and accurate results.

MIKE FLOOD also handles water quality and offers a fully dynamic coupling for both hydrodynamics and pollutant transport simulations.

MIKE FLOOD is accepted by US Federal Emergency Management Agency for use in the National Flood Insurance Program.

Please note:
This download includes updates for MIKE 21, MIKE 3, MIKE C-MAP, LITPACK, MIKE Animator Plus, MIKE SHE, MIKE HYDRO Basin, MIKE HYDRO River, MIKE FLOOD and MIKE 11. No other downloads are required.

After clicking the download button, the file will download as a zip file. Please run the setup.exe, choose the downloaded product, start the installation and follow the on-screen instructions.


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MIKE_Zero_2021_1.zip2.11 GB

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