MIKE Zero 2019 and FEFLOW for Linux

Download the latest software for Linux.

For running other MIKE Powered by DHI applications on Linux, please contact our Customer Success team.

MIKE Zero 2019 for Linux (Red Hat 6, Red Hat 7, CentOS 7)

Do you work with large MIKE FM models? Do you have access to powerful Linux servers with 100’s of CPU’s? Then download the MIKE Zero 2019 Linux version* today, and get the most out of your available hardware with a Linux license with no restraints on the number of cores used in a single simulation.

For assistance with installation, please refer to the user guide or contact Customer Success team at mike@dhigroup.com, who may also help you if you are interested in obtaining a License for the Linux version of MIKE Zero 2019.

*Note: The installation of MIKE Zero 2019 for Linux does not come with a Graphical User Interface.

MIKE Zero 2019 for Linux (Red Hat, CentOS)

MIKE Zero 2019

MIKE Zero 2019 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (rhel6) and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7 (rhel7).

MIKE Zero 2019 additional tools

Additional MIKE Zero 2019 tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (rhel6) and a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7 (rhel7).

MIKE Zero 2019 examples

MIKE Zero 2019 examples.

MIKE Zero 2019 prerequisites

MIKE Zero 2019 prerequisites.

FEFLOW 7.2 (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu)


FEFLOW shared components and licence server.




Trolltech's Qt toolkit for FEFLOW.


FEFLOW plugin development kit.

FEFLOW pestutils

PEST Utilities for FEFLOW.

FEFLOW data tools

Data tools for FEFLOW 7.2.

FEFLOW exercise

Exercises for FEFLOW 7.2.

FEFLOW tutorial

Tutorials for FEFLOW 7.2.


Help for FEFLOW 7.2.

FEFLOW examples

Examples for FEFLOW 7.2.

FEFLOW benchmarks

Benchmarks for FEFLOW 7.2.

FEFLOW console

Console for FEFLOW 7.2.


GUI for FEFLOW 7.2.

FEFLOW dongle driver

HASP Dongle Driver

FEFLOW dongle driver for Linux.