Hotfixes 2022

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2022 products.

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Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2022 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix.

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Hotfixes for MIKE 2022 Update 1

MIKE SHE hotfix 28-06-2022

This hotfix enables a user-defined limit to the number of irrigation dfs0 output files produced during a simulation. The value can be adjusted using the Extra Parameters feature, by setting the parameter ‘MaxNoIrrigationLogFiles’. The default limit is 100.

The hotfix enables users to work around a bug introduced when distributed vegetation parameter specification was enabled in MIKE SHE. If a user specifies one or more vegetation parameters individually, using a gridded distribution, then the bug results in a generation of a unique irrigation dsf0 file for each grid cell of the MIKE SHE model domain. This causes MIKE SHE to crash if the model grid has more than ~500 elements. 

We plan to provide a more comprehensive fix that will enable users to continue to benefit from the information in the irrigation output files when using a distributed vegetation parameter specification. The more comprehensive fix will be available with release 2023 in November.

MIKE Zero hotfix 24-06-2022

This hotfix solves issues with the Cloud Simulation Launcher occurring when previous project folders were no longer available.

MIKE+ hotfix 24-06-2022

This hotfix solves issues with the Cloud Simulation Launcher occurring when previous project folders were no longer available.

MIKE Zero hotfix 20-06-2022

This hotfix solves a problem where merging of SW output files after an MPI simulation could fail if the type of output spectrum was NOT "Whole spectrum".

MIKE Zero hotfix 20-06-2022 – b

This hotfix corrects a problem in Plot Composer with a warning message that has started to pop up continuously

MIKE+ hotfix 13-06-2022

This hotfix corrects an error which prevented from loading a result layer from a fire flow analysis (.csv file), in Water Distribution projects.

MIKE+ hotfix 08-06-2022

This hotfix removes an unexpected license usage while editing 2D Overland models.

Hotfixes for MIKE 2022 (no service pack required)

MIKE SHE hotfix 16-05-2022

This hotfix corrects a serious error in the transfer of water quality components from MIKE SHE to MIKE HYDRO River when two or more kinds of components are being transferred.

MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix 03-05-2022

This hotfix fixes current problems in the Mike Basin engine API methods, specifically the correct setup of the simulation time when calling the method “SetSimulationTiming”, which was correctly setting the simulation limit dates, but it was not setting the simulation current time to the starting time of the simulation as it would be expected. The hotfix also extends the error message when a time series file does not have data for a requested date, specifying the complete path to the problematic file.

MIKE+ hotfix 01-04-2022

This hotfix corrects a problem in Water Distribution models, when the nodal demand was not correctly accounted for in the fire flow simulation (related to residual pressure for given flow and flow for given residual pressure methods).

MIKE 3 hotfix 08-02-2022
This hotfix solves various problems in the Mud Transport module related to Sediment Disposal:
  • Incorrect sediment mass within Sigma-Z level grid
  • Possible issue when using MPI
  • Possible omission of disposal if no disposal output is defined

In addition the hotfix solves a problem where running a combination of Jet source and HD feedback from MT failed when running MPI.

MIKE 1D hotfix 02-02-2022

This hotfix resolves an automatic unit conversion issue in the control module when using time series in a unit different from SI base unit. This is relevant in MIKE HYDRO in rule actions, when “Action” - “Value type” is “Time series”, and in MIKE 11 for all time series used for control structures. The time series values are now automatically converted to the unit of the engine (SI base unit) before being applied.

MIKE Zero hotfix 21-01-2022

This hotfix solves an issue with color legends not being shown when exporting plot.

MIKE+ hotfix 07-12-2021

This hotfix corrects a memory leak that affected performance when running the MIKE ID Control Module from a script.

DHI License Manager hotfix 03-12-2021

This hotfix solves a problem in the DHI License Updater.

MIKE 21 & MIKE 3 hotfix 01-12-2021
This hotfix resolves a number of issues:
  • possible memory issue when using the Shoreline Module in a domain that is resolved by many elements
  • error in the Spectral Wave module related to reflection from structures in combination with the use of “Directional sector” for the directional discretization
  • error in the Spectral Wave module in case of wave blocking using current in combination with quasi-stationary formulation for the fully spectral formulation
  • error in the Mud Transport module related to use of hindered settling