Hotfixes 2022

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2022 products.

Please note

Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2021 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix.

For information about a hotfix, just press the small '+' next to the title to expand a brief description. If you have questions, please contact your local DHI office or

Hotfixes for MIKE 2022 (no service pack required)

MIKE Zero hotfix 21-01-2022

This hotfix solves an issue with color legends not being shown when exporting plot.

MIKE+ hotfix 07-12-2021

This hotfix corrects a memory leak that affected performance when running the MIKE ID Control Module from a script.

DHI License Manager hotfix 03-12-2021

This hotfix solves a problem in the DHI License Updater.

MIKE 21 & MIKE 3 hotfix 01-12-2021
This hotfix resolves a number of issues:
  • possible memory issue when using the Shoreline Module in a domain that is resolved by many elements
  • error in the Spectral Wave module related to reflection from structures in combination with the use of “Directional sector” for the directional discretization
  • error in the Spectral Wave module in case of wave blocking using current in combination with quasi-stationary formulation for the fully spectral formulation
  • error in the Mud Transport module related to use of hindered settling