Hotfixes 2021

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2021 products.

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Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2021 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix.

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Hotfixes for MIKE 2021 Update 1

MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix 15-02-2022

The following hotfix corrects the runtime error when running WQ MHB models which have several branches connected by branch connections. It also includes a list of error message in the simulation log file, listing the water level methods that are missing for the WQ locations where a residence time needs to be computed.

MIKE 3 hotfix 08-02-2022
This hotfix solves various problems in the Mud Transport module related to Sediment Disposal:
  • Incorrect sediment mass within Sigma-Z level grid
  • Possible issue when using MPI
  • Possible omission of disposal if no disposal output is defined
MIKE 21 hotfix 01-12-2021
This hotfix resolves a number of issues:
  • possible memory issue when using the Shoreline Module in a domain that is resolved by many elements
  • error in the Spectral Wave module related to reflection from structures in combination with the use of “Directional sector” for the directional discretization
  • error in the Spectral Wave module in case of wave blocking using current in combination with quasi-stationary formulation for the fully spectral formulation
MIKE Zero hotfix 24-09-2021

This hotfix corrects an error that occurred when running batch execution of MIKE Zero toolbox setups as part of an Autocal simulation sequence.

MIKE+ hotfix 10-09-2021

This hotfix solves an error in MIKE+ preventing from displaying a Google Map or Open Street Map background layer for some map projections, when the projection’s false origin is defined exactly at the border of the valid region.

MIKE 21 hotfix 08-09-2021

This hotfix solves an issue in MIKE 21 MA related to the output of chain forces.

MIKE SHE hotfix 27-08-2021

This hotfix accelerates loading times for models with a large number of independently specified unsaturated zone parameters.

MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix 21-07-2021

This Mike Hydro Basin hotfix corrects execution of the Mike Basin engine interface when reading a hotstart information for the storage value of a routing reach. The Mike Basin Engine interface is used in a programming environment, where the Mike Basin engine API is called in a console application or similar. This hotfix does not change the behavior of a Mike Hydro Basin model when running it from the GUI, as the GUI does not read hotstart files.

MIKE+ hotfix 19-07-2021

This hotfix resolves an issue with the coupling of MIKE+ and external MIKE Hydro River, which was causing the coupled model not to run without error warnings. It also improves handling of models with large numbers of catchments during update.

MIKE+ hotfix 06-07-2021

This hotfix resolves the compatibility issues with EPANET 2.0 hydraulic engine, which were causing wrong simulation results in setups with variable speed pumps.

DHI License Manager hotfix 30-06-2021

This hotfix solves a problem where License System stops responding on a windows machine using DHI Internet License.

MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix 25-06-2021
This hotfix corrects three errors: an error in the generation of hotstart files; an error in writing to NAM output files; and an error in the application of demand reduction fractions at reservoirs.
MIKE 3 hotfix 25-06-2021
This hotfix solves an issue with cumulative statistics in MIKE 3 Waves when the initial water level differs from 0.
MIKE 3 hotfix 02-06-2021
This hotfix solves a problem using Navier-Stokes equations with a geographical mesh
MIKE+ hotfix 27-05-2021
This hotfix solves an error with EPANET 2.2 engine, where the demand was wrongly considered being 0 when performing a fire flow analysis to compute the pressure from flow, or when performing a flushing analysis.
MIKE SHE hotfix 25-05-2021
This hotfix corrects a serious error in the transfer of water quality components from MIKE SHE to MIKE HYDRO River when two or more kinds of components are being transferred.

Hotfixes for MIKE 2021 (no service pack required)

MIKE View hotfix 03-05-2021
This hotfix corrects errors in the MIKE View Statistical Analysis tool.
MIKE+ hotfix 06-04-2021
This hotfix solves issues with location of distributed single sources and precipitation maps from 2D files, in 2D Overland simulations.
DHI License Manager hotfix 10-03-2021
This hotfix solves a “"no connect info" issue when using DHI Internet License on a Windows Server 2012 operating system.
LITPACK hotfix 01-02-2021
This hotfix corrects the generation of the wave direction axis in the littoral drift transport tables.
MIKE Zero hotfix 20-01-2021
This hotfix solves an issue with incorrect interpolation values in the Time Series Comparator.
MIKE+ hotfix 18-01-2021
This hotfix for the Water Distribution module corrects errors in water hammer simulations, respectively related to boundary conditions, pumps start up, and air-valves not correctly configured in the simulation.
MIKE+ hotfix 15-01-2021
This hotfix corrects various issues for SWMM models, especially related to import of data (from MIKE URBAN classic or inp files) and export of the simulation file. It also corrects a wrong logic in the editor preventing from editing the roughness value for force main conduits.
MIKE 21 hotfix 08-01-2021
This hotfix solves an issue in MIKE 21 SW related to progress visualization and the ability to stop a simulation in progress.
MIKE+ hotfix 05-01-2021
This hotfix corrects three issues in MIKE+: it crashed when picking up a node for the ‘From node’ and ‘To node’ fields with SWMM, 2D overland’s surface roughness was incorrectly set up in the simulation when using 2D infrastructure layers but without combining with a land cover layer, the ‘Catchment delineation’ tool was not displayed properly with Chinese Operating Systems.
MIKE HYDRO hotfix 27-11-2020
This hotfix corrects an error that prevented running small MIKE HYDRO Basin setups without a license for demonstration purposes
MIKE+ hotfix 27-11-2020

This hotfix corrects four issues in MIKE+: the inner diameter of pipes for Water Distribution was not visible, the ‘Zone mapping’ tool did not isolate zones in presence of pumps or open valves, connected nodes were sometimes lost for some SWMM conduits after importing scenarios from MIKE URBAN classic, and MIKE+ randomly crashed when configuring 2D overland simulations to run on GPUs.