Hotfixes 2017

Below is a list of hotfixes available for MIKE 2017 products.

Please note

Download of hotfixes for MIKE 2017 requires you to be logged in. You may need to install service packs for the software product in question prior to applying the hotfix.

For information about a hotfix, just press the small '+' next to the title to expand a brief description. If you have questions, please contact your local DHI office or


MIKE URBAN hotfix 13-05-2019

This hotfix solves an unhandled exception when attempting to report differences between child scenarios and alternatives in the tool Scenario Manager combined with SWMM mode

LITPACK hotfix 04-03-2019

This hotfix resolves an issue related to un-initialized variables and revetments, that could cause the model to crash.

MIKE FM hotfix 20-12-2018

This hotfix resolves a problem in the MT module that could result in negative bed thickness and negative concentrations.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 28-11-2018

This MIKE HYDRO Basin Hotfix will prevent the .NET Interface in the MHB engine to allocate unnecessary memory when running a MHB setup including irrigation. This inefficient allocation produces the simulation to run slower each time step, when a simulation has been setup through the .net interface. The hotfix does not make any difference in simulations run directly from MIKE HYDRO.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 25-10-2018

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix prevents an unexpected Exception during the call of the MikeBasin.Engine Api method: RememberFromHotStart(bool). The hotfix will allow to use the method in any .Net project using DHI.MikeBasin.Engine.dll, without this unexpected exception.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 04-10-2018

This hotfix corrects the error: “Chainage argument is outside span”. This may come up for routing branches with position of routing elements that coincides with tributary connections.

MIKE Zero hotfix 13-09-2018

This hot-fix resolves internet license issues when working with MIKE C-MAP data files in MIKE Zero.

MIKE SHE hotfix 10-09-2018

This hotfix fixes issues with PFS file handling in Coupled MIKE URBAN-MIKE SHE simulations on a server.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 07-09-2018

This hot-fix resolves license check issues with timeouts in MIKE URBAN.

MIKE Zero hotfix 07-09-2018

This hot-fix resolves license check issues with timeouts in MIKE ZERO.

MIKE FM hotfix 15-08-2018

This hotfix resolves a problem in the ST module related to using the Meyer-Peter and Müller bed load formulation at small velocities.

MIKE SHE hotfix 13-08-2018

The MIKE SHE Well Editor allows import of wells and filter definitions from a text file. Inconveniently it is not possible to have spaces in the imported text fields like the dfs0 file name. Also you cannot import filter definitions as “disabled” or “fixed pumping rate”. This will be enabled by this hot fix. For a disabled filter set the “item number” field to a negative value, for a constant pumping rate set it to 0 and specify the actual rate instead of a time series dfs0 file name.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 23-07-2018

This Mike Hydro hotfix allows to run a Rain Fall Run Off – Mike Hydro Basin simulation with res1d hotstart files. The software was currently ignoring the hotstart file and this hotfix corrects the issue.

MIKE Zero hotfix 19-07-2018

This hotfix resolves an issue where a right-click with the mouse in the graphical view of the Grid Series Editor would cause the context menu to appear multiple times.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 13-07-2018

This hotfix reduces computer memory consumption during MIKE 1D LTS simulations.

MIKE Zero hotfix 13-07-2018

This hotfix resolves a possible issue concerning the visualization and editing of large data files in the Grid Editor.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 10-07-2018

This hotfix resolves two issues with RDI calculations: If RR simulation is RDI (solo) and RdiiNo is set to false (zero) to skip RDI calculations for that catchment, also Catchment Discharge calculations was skipped. If RDI area is zero, NaN numbers was produced and the RR result file would not work for network calculations.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 09-07-2018

This hotfix resolves round-off issue that triggers “index-out-of-bounds” error for UHM catchments.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 22-06-2018

This MIKE HYDRO hotfix corrects the cross-section data sent to MIKE SHE in a MIKE SHE-River coupled simulation. With this corrected data, MIKE SHE gets a more precise information about the river bed levels, including all cross-section table points. It also makes the river simulation create a water balance report file as well as an error log file. Both file in html format. The water balance contains information of the water volume exchanged between MIKE HYDRO and MIKE SHE, from the MIKE HYDRO point of view.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 18-06-2018

This fix resolves issues with properly viewing MIKE 1D LTS *.ERF results in MIKE View.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 13-06-2018

This hotfix makes the Advection-dispersion exchange of MIKE FLOOD models using Mike1D engine, to be triggered on upon check box flag of the couple file (“Apply AD-coupling”). This means ignoring any internal parameter in the couple file that it is currently considered.

The hotfix also disables the dispersion modelling at all water level boundary coupling links (standard link, side structure links, urban/river links). This change makes the concentrations to move only in the direction of the HD coupling exchange for boundary value coupling links, which is the expecting behavior of water level boundary coupling links.

MIKE FM hotfix 13-06-2018

This hotfix resolves the problem that the GPU version of MIKE 21 FM or MIKE 3 FM could fail and stop when more than 1 subdomain was used in combination with gate structures and “water level” or “water level difference” is used for operation.

MIKE 21C hotfix 08-06-2018

This hotfix resolves a mismatch where engine establishes simulation time in seconds, and file time in hours, which may lead to a ‘Data does not cover entire simulation’ validation error.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 04-06-2018

This hotfix corrects the exchange in urban-river links, which was failing to produce exchange discharge for non AD links.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 04-06-2018

This hotfix resolves issues with LTS job list file generation, and the processing of large job list files for LTS simulations with the MIKE 1D engine.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 31-05-2018

This hotfix resolves an issue, so that derived result items from MIKE 1D like link flood and link depth, are now showed correctly in MIKE View.

MIKE Zero hotfix 31-05-2018

This hotfix resolves an issue, so that derived result items from MIKE 1D like link flood and link depth, are now showed correctly in MIKE View.

MIKE SHE hotfix 31-05-2018

The MIKE SHE preprocessor selected the wrong output location for detailed river time series output (H/Q) in many cases. When this happened the output was correct for the location given in the PP-print log file, but this was not the location specified by the user, or the closest available calculation point. With this hotfix the correct point is selected again, preferring the closest calculation point in the same river segment. For additional information the message “WARNING: Invalid chainage of branch [...]” will now also contain the actual distance between specified and adjusted chainage. Also, if the adjusted chainage is outside the branch segment bounds (allowing a small tolerance), an error message will be printed.

DHI License Manager hotfix 29-05-2018

This hot-fix resolves license issues with special combination of license modules in the license file (pending license modules + additional license modules for different products or with different limitations).

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 25-05-2018 - b

This MIKE HYDRO River hotfix corrects an error in the Data Assimilation module. When updating with weighting function, the value of an equation parameter was wrongly rounded during the simulation.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 25-05-2018

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix corrects the formula in the Irrigation module. The correction constrains the soil moisture reduction factor to a minimum value of zero to prevent negative values when the root zone depletion exceeds the wilting point depletion.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 24-05-2018

MIKE URBAN geometric network rebuild has been fixed to work accordingly in silent mode, allowing to continue the process regardless of the warnings issued for the Net_Builder when importing data.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 22-05-2018

This Hotfix fixes the runtime error of MIKE FLOOD models with Urban-River links failing to run without a valid reason and giving an incomplete run-time error message “(Unexpected error defining urban-river link number: XXX, urban link ID: YYY. Details: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet.)

The error is an engine error and it is therefore corrected and the model should run without any error.

DHI License Manager hotfix 11-05-2018

This hotfix is a temporary solution to address the dongle issue with Window 10 April 2018 Update, Version 1803. Users using this hotfix may experience MIKE software recognizing their system as windows 8. A permanent solution will be issued after we have solved it with our partners.

MIKE 3 hotfix 09-05-2018

This hotfix include a correction of bed boundary condition for the K-epsilon equations for the case where the ratio between the roughness and bottom layer thickness become large.

MIKE SHE hotfix 09-05-2018

This hotfix addresses a problem in the MIKE SHE grid calculator tool. It was failing with the message “The parameter is not valid” when run from the GUI.


MIKE URBAN hotfix 16-03-2018

This hotfix addresses a problem with the Send Data Tool “MOUSEtoSWMM”, in which pipes with CRS sections were exported to SWMM as CIRCULAR shaped pipes. These pipes now are properly exported as Irregular Shape with its corresponding geometry curve.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 07-03-2018

This hotfix resolves an issue when Colebrook-White friction formulation is used in an LTS simulation, when producing the ERF result file.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 03-03-2018
This hotfix fixes two errors:
1. Curve data import from INP file when using US import
2. Status (Open/Close) import from INP file when link names contain mix of upper and lower case letters

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 07-03-2018
This hotfix resolves two issues with reservoirs’ description in MIKE HYDRO River, where the volume of side structures with reservoir was not properly computed by the simulation engine, and the volume of storage features was incorrect when using the Elevation-Volume type.

MIKE Zero hotfix 06-03-2018

This hot-fix resolves license issues with MIKE Zero Data Viewer and MIKE Zero Data Manager.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 21-02-2018

This hotfix is enables the following:

-       Forces the storage demand rule releases to be routed through hydropower plants, when the two involved reservoirs are physically connected

-       Make all Reservoir releases routed through hydropower plants as default behavior. Spill is only considered if the water is released due to surpassing the damn crest level, or the flood control release that does NOT go through Hydropower plant.

(Note: this hotfix is an improved version and replaces a former hotfix MIKE_Zero_2017_18.01.29.exe.)

MIKE URBAN hotfix 21-02-2018

This hot-fix resolves license check issues in MIKE URBAN.

MIKE 3 hotfix 21-02-2018

This hotfix solves an issue related to weirs and culverts in MIKE 3 FM and MIKE 3 Coupled Model FM that could prevent the model from running.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 06-02-2018
This hotfix solves the problem reported by several users, related to a failed urban bathymetry generation, when a coupled MIKE URBAN/MIKE21 simulation is attempted from the MIKE URBAN shell.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 07-02-2018
This hotfix is resolves an issue in the MIKE URBAN RTC module, when a condition of one controllable device refers to an active action/function of another controllable device.
MIKE 21 hotfix 01-02-2018
This hotfix resolves an issue in the directional interpolation method in MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis module for the specific case that the interpolated direction equals 360°.

MIKE Zero hotfix 27-01-2018

This hot-fix resolves license issues with MIKE Zero Data Manager.

MIKE FM hotfix 16-01-2018

This hotfix resolves an issue in the MT module occurring by very high fall velocities that in turn could result in negative bed thickness and excess concentrations.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 18-12-2017

This hotfix allows corrects the enforcing of the maximum allowed downstream release of a Reservoir in the context of the Global ranking allocation algorithm. To account for the maximum release it considers the releases downstream and down releases redirected to a connected hydropower.

MIKE Zero hotfix 18-12-2017

This hot-fix resolves issues with GPU simulations in remote simulation on HW with two or more GPU cards. It should be installed on servers running remote simulation services (Remote Simulation Server Components) for MIKE Zero.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 13-12-2017
This hotfix solves a problem with MIKE URBAN reading the units specified for the Kinematic Wave runoff model parameters inappropriately when sending data from SWMM to MOUSE using the Send Data tool.
MIKE URBAN hotfix 06-12-2017

This hotfix addresses two issues.

 1) A performance problem has been fixed, occurring when a large number of structures are present in the simulation and the simulation is using a hotstart file for initial conditions.
 2) HTML summary reports incorrectly a too high loss (infiltration) for catchments of type Model B (Kinematic Wave).

MIKE URBAN hotfix 01-12-2017

This hotfix addresses the possibility to export longitudinal profiles to *.dxg-file format allowing the use of multiple layers to store different data presented in the profile.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 28-11-2017

This hotfix solves a problem with importing SWMM models from an *.inp-file in which the geometry of some links is defined as polylines leading to multiple coordinates for the same geometric definition of the link.

MIKE 11 hotfix 22-11-2017
This hotfix resolves a MIKE 1D specific issue in Data Assimilation simulations related to the handling of missing observation values. Observations with missing values between First filtering time step and Time of forecast can introduce errors.
MIKE URBAN hotfix 20-11-2017

This hotfix addresses a problem with fire flow computation when using “Calculate available flow for design pressure” not writing correct results to the *.ffa-file.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 10-11-2017

This hotfix addresses a situation with the Calibration Plots and Reports tool in which for WD results the result item “Link Flow” was not recognized by the tool.

MIKE 11 hotfix 09-11-2017
This hotfix resolves an issue in Data Assimilation with the Error equation used in the Weighting function Measurement update method, where sometimes the State variable parameters are associated with wrong model states.
MIKE 3 hotfix 06-11-2017

This hotfix resolves two issues relating to MIKE 3 FM:

- error using radiation stress in the 3D GPU version

- problem using line structures (weirs, culverts, gates or dikes) in combination with Non Equilibrium Pure current transport description in the ST module

MIKE URBAN hotfix 03-11-2017
This hot-fix resolves issues with MOUSE models in remote simulation. It should be installed on servers running remote simulation services (Remote Simulation Server Components) for MIKE URBAN.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 02-11-2017

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix routes the global ranking reservoir releases through the Hydro-Power plants, when the corresponding checkbox in the individual hydropower properties is checked. At the same time reports the flood control releases as spill release.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 31-10-2017 (B)

This hotfix resolves an issue in Data Assimilation where observation measurements are compared to the wrong simulation values, thus ending up with unexpected modifications. This only happens in models using multiple types of observations and if these observations are not sorted properly.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 31-10-2017
This hotfix addresses a problem with MIKE URBAN freezing the editing session icons after an unsuccessful simulation attempt in which a MU application restart was forced.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 31-10-2017

This hotfix corrects two current defects. First, a crash that happens if the user tries to set the coordinate system to GCS_WGS_1984, and second: the impossibility to import polylines into a branch set in MIKE HYDRO Import from shape file tool.

MIKE SHE hotfix 25-10-2017
This hotfix corrects a problem where the MIKE SHE grid calculator tool failed to load data with just a single time step.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 24-10-2017

This MIKE HYDRO Basin hotfix prevents delete values of concentrations to propagate downstream in the basin network. Therefore a zero-upstream contribution is included for these reaches, and a warning is issued in the log file. It also increase the maximum number of warnings from the current value of 100 to an extended value of 5000, which is more realistic for large models. Finally, the hotfix also includes a new result item, namely the reach storage, which is part of the reaches that have a routing method within the reach.

MIKE Zero hotfix 18-10-2017

This hotfix resolves an issue with random characters saved in new Plot Composer setup files (.plc) which prevented the file to re-open in MIKE Zero.

Hotfixes for MIKE 2017 (no service pack required)

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 30-08-2017

The present hotfix corrects the use of the minimum release and regular reservoir releases into the Power plant water user, if one exists, this in the context of Global Ranking allocation. Therefore any reservoir release could be used for the generation of hydropower, as long as it respects the power generation capacity of the plant.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 30-08-2017

This hotfix improves the handling of importing SWMM (.inp files) models containing previously conflicting time patterns.

DHI Internet License Server hotfix 28-08-2017

The DHI Internet License Service has been updated. If you are using an Internet license you need to install this hotfix.

MIKE 21 hotfix 25-08-2017

This hotfix removes the dependency of Data type when using dfs0 files in the MIKE 21 tool ‘Tidal Analysis of Heights'.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 23-08-2017

This hotfix addresses a problem with multiplying the scaling factor to the agent pollutant concentrations while diluting with water inflows coming from cyclic profiles during MIKE 1D Advection-Dispersion (AD) modelling.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 22-08-2017
This hotfix disables an outdated and unnecessary warning message related to routing branches connected to reservoirs, which is actually allowed. It also corrects the concentration of AD components to be undefined when the flow or water volume in a reach or node goes to zero, and to ensure that all non-zero flow reaches have a defined concentration.

MIKE 21 hotfix 14-08-2017

This hotfix relates to the Mooring Analysis module. It corrects an error in the interpolation for directions around 0 and some drag curves have been updated to ensure consistency.

Furthermore some fender curves have been updated to avoid strange behaviour in cases of small compression.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 19-07-2017

This hotfix resolves issues relating to using pipe roughness calibration.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 22-07-2017

The present hotfix corrects the calculation of the residence time in water quality basin networks using any water level method such as "manning", "from routing", or "rating curve". These water level methods are used to compute the water levels and this hotfix set the specified local or global parameters of the basin network, allowing the correct calculation of the residence time.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 19-07-2017

This hotfix corrects coupling issues which sometimes occur in lateral links and side structure links, preventing from starting the simulation. This hotfix is relevant only when the river model is built in MIKE HYDRO River, or when using the MIKE 1D engine in MIKE 11.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 05-07-2017

This hotfix corrects a rounding error of cross sections chainages, when cross sections are saved from MIKE HYDRO River or from the new cross section editor. This error caused the cross sections to be very slightly moved along branches, which can lead to cross sections being excluded from lateral links when using MIKE FLOOD, and in case cross sections have been defined at the exact ends of lateral links.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 29-06-2017

This hotfix corrects the calculation of the residence time for routing branches, which failed to be computed when a routing branch contained internal computational nodes.

MIKE FLOOD hotfix 21-06-2017

This hotfix corrects an error in the computation of the connecting digipoints of two branches of a MIKE SHE coupling setup. The computation was assuming that the connecting node in the branch will have a format like “name,chainage”, which is not always the case and now this is corrected. This hotfix also corrects the calculation of the coupling point in a urban/river link in MIKE FLOOD, which might be faulty if the coupling branch contains a confluent branch or bifurcation.

MIKE 21 hotfix 20-06-2017

This hotfix resolves an issue in the ‘Tidal Analysis of Currents’ tool when trying to analyse currents from a dfs2 file.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 14-06-2017

This hotfix enables customers to properly export information to MOUSE Project file type (.mpr). When a MOUSE project file (.mpr) is created two complementary files are also created one regarding hydrology information (.hgf) and one containing the network information (.und). This exporting capacity enhances communication for external data handling workflows.

MIKE 3 FM hotfix 06-06-2017

This hotfix resolves an issue with jet sources in strong opposing flows.

MIKE URBAN hotfix 01-06-2017

This hotfix solves an issue when using the “change in sensor value” for the MIKE 1D engine.

MIKE HYDRO hotfix 01-06-2017

This hotfix corrects the display of the result plotting option when selecting a model element in the map view after the simulation execution. This display option was not being showed for all model elements and the hotfix corrects this problem.

The Hotfix also corrects the lack of persistence in the display of the chosen background map after running a Mike Hydro River simulation. So, whatever background map is chosen, it is also displayed when user switches to the “results” tab.

LITPACK hotfix 24-05-2017

This hotfix resolves an error introduced in Release 2017 regarding reading spatially distributed hydrodynamic conditions (dfs1) into the Coastline Evolution model.

DHI License Manager hotfix 10-05-2017

This hot-fix resolves DHI License Manager issues that occurs when users are running two or more MIKE Zero instances on their PCs.