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September 2013

The NetWork - a community newsletter for MIKE by DHI users

MIKE FLOOD successful in the second UK Environment Agency 2D model benchmarking study

We are pleased to announce that MIKE FLOOD have once again taken part in the UK Environment Agency (EA) benchmarking study; ‘Benchmarking the latest generation of 2D hydraulic modelling packages’.

MIKE FLOOD EA Benchmarking Report

The Environment Agency has recently concluded a revised benchmarking study with the overall objectives to:

a) provide an up-to-date picture of capabilities of the latest generation of 2D modelling tools

b) to create evidence that 2D flood inundation modelling packages, used for flood risk management by the Environment Agency and its consultants, are capable of adequately predicting the variables on which flood risk management decisions are based.

MIKE FLOOD was once again successfully applied to all of the predefined test cases developed by the EA. Model applications range from small scale laboratory models to real case flood modelling applications requiring stand-alone 2D modelling or 1D-2D coupled modelling with either river or urban pipe network coupled to the 2D overland flow model. MIKE FLOOD performed with excellence and delivered the simulation results expected for all test cases - both in terms of hydrodynamics and computational performance. For more than 10 years now MIKE FLOOD continues to prove its robustness and superior applicability in a large variety of flood related applications.

Click here to view the Environment Agency benchmarking report and learn more about our offerings and news in 2D modelling.

For more information on the unique palette of 2D modelling options with MIKE by DHI, please contact your local DHI office or send us an e-mail at

Use MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS to support your MIKE by DHI modelling activities

MIKE FLOOD EA Benchmarking Report

MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS (Information Management System) is now available for use with MIKE by DHI software.

MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS builds on a database that stores time-series data and spatial data. It allows you to establish spatial associations between spatial features and time-series and it comes with a long range of built-in data processing tools that you can use when you prepare your data for modelling or when you analyse or process results.

In case you need to develop your own tools, you can do this using the built-in Python scripting component or you can use the embedded spread sheet component. The spread-sheet component is also a strong reporting component that allows you to create sophisticated and interactive views containing, tables and charts similar to what you do in Excel. In addition to the sophisticated components for handling time-series, GIS, scripts, performance indicators, spread sheets, documents and so on, the IMS also comes with an overarching and configurable user interface. Through this user interface you have various options for searching and filtering data. You can make your favourite tools, charts and maps easily accessible. MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS links directly to our dfs files (import/export) but also contains a series of other data bridges.

We are currently implementing MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS on a number projects. Among the larger projects is the “Lake Victoria Information Management System” and the “National Water Information System” in South Africa.

MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS is useful both as a large corporate IMS that helps you create a central corporate repository for your water related data and as a personal IMS for data management in relation to your MIKE by DHI modelling work.

Click here to learn more about MIKE CUSTOMISED IMS or go to our website.

Product news

Previews of MIKE by DHI release

Approximately once a year, we release a new version of MIKE by DHI software - and this year is no exception. We would like to disclose a preview, especially for our newsletter readers, of some of the new and exciting features to be released later this year. We hope these new features will improve your experience with our software products, regarding usability, productivity as well as enhanced applications.

Introducing MIKE 21 GPU - the fastest 2D solver ever!

If you are using MIKE 21 FM HD or Flexible Mesh solver with MIKE FLOOD, you are getting a pleasant surprise with Release 2014! With the new release, your update package will automatically include a brand new version of the MIKE 21 FM HD module. The new version, MIKE 21 GPU (Graphical Processor Units), is “GPU-card enabled”. This means that it is able to use the graphics card on your PC to speed up simulations significantly.


Simulation time in seconds for a high resolution Mediterranean model with and without GPU card. (MIKE 21 FM running single precision, first order scheme).

Speed up you models
Depending on the model setup and the type of GPU, the speed-up can be a factor 100 or more compared to running the same simulation on a single processor CPU.

For some model setups and GPUs, this also means that MIKE 21 FM is now faster than MIKE 21 “Classic” - the single grid version of MIKE 21 HD - when using exactly the same rectangular mesh.

The technology behind MIKE 21 GPU: How does it work?
The computational engine of MIKE 21 FM HD has been reprogrammed to make use of the latest graphical processor units - hardware that is otherwise typically used for speeding up computer games.

How will I get MIKE 21 GPU?
MIKE 21 GPU will become available, at no extra cost, to all owners of corporate licences of MIKE 21 or MIKE FLOOD with valid SMA. This means that there will be no licence fee and no increase in SMA costs. If you do not have a valid SMA or if you own a personal licence, you will be able to purchase it as an upgrade to your existing software.

Where can I read more about MIKE 21 GPU?
We have produced a detailed performance report, including comparisons of the performance of MIKE 21 GPU with the non-GPU enabled MIKE 21 FM HD. Click here to read the report.

For more information about MIKE 21 GPU, check out future issues of this new newsletter or contact our software support team.

Introducing exciting new possibilities in MIKE Animator Plus

MIKE by DHI case story

Version 2012 of MIKE by DHI included a completely re-engineered version of MIKE Animator, designed to be a very flexible tool for producing high quality video animations of modelling results. The most prominent new features in version 2012 were the support of MIKE 3 files (including the ability to slice and take out transects and iso-surfaces) and also improved picture draping functionality.

We have continued the development of MIKE Animator Plus and version 2014 will contain three new and interesting possibilities:

Visualisation of solids: Enhancing realism and recognition of locations
The inclusion of solids can improve the animations significantly through enhancing realism and recognition of locations, for example by including fixed elements like buildings or dams or moving elements like ships. Version 2014 will support the placement of solids inside the model domain. These elements have to be created in 3DS format and then loaded into MIKE Animator Plus. Moreover, they can move inside the animation, which means that a ship can be sailing as part of the animation.

Visualisation of particles: Enhancing result communication
Output files with particle trajectories from the Particle Tracking (PT) modules (MIKE 21 PT and MIKE 3 PT) and from the Agent Based Modelling (ABM) modules (ABM for MIKE 21 and MIKE 3) will now be supported in MIKE Animator Plus. This will enhance the possibilities for result communication from these modules significantly. Click here to view an example.

Support of MIKE SHE files: High quality animations of MIKE SHE results
Also, output from MIKE SHE will now be supported in MIKE Animator Plus in order to allow for high quality animations of MIKE SHE results. This will include animation of overland flow as well as 3D groundwater flow.

New water quality option in MIKE HYDRO Basin

MIKE HYDRO Basin is our new generation of integrated river basin analysis software for water recourses planning and management.

MIKE HYDRO Basin was initially introduced with the current release 2012 containing a large number of features relevant for integrated river basin management applications. Developments continue for MIKE HYDRO Basin and one of the new exiting features being introduced in release 2014 is the option of applying water quality simulations within your river basin management applications.

Water quality options in the basin management software package have traditionally been limited to a few hard-coded water quality formulations. However, the new release will include a major upgrade in that respect, as water quality modelling in MIKE HYDRO Basin will be using the open and very flexible ECO Lab modelling framework. This will allow you to alter existing water quality templates or create your own model templates from scratch. Therefore, the ECO Lab option will greatly enhance the options for applying tailored water quality modelling for your particular water resources management or planning project.

Application examples

Get inspired by our signature projects

DHI SIgnature Projects

Our signature projects provide concrete examples of how we can help you solve the world’s toughest challenges in water environments. Our technology has been applied in many significant projects worldwide, which have provided considerable environmental, social and/or economic benefits in their respective areas. Below are two of our signature projects for which our MIKE by DHI software has been successfully applied in order to meet their specific needs.

Signature Project

Controlling flooding in a city of 100,000 people

El Cajon, Southern California

Click here to read more.

Signature Project

Protecting over 10 million people from floods

Central Vietnam

Click here to read more.

You can find more signature projects and inspiration on the dedicated web page.
You can also find more projects and examples of our technology and solutions on our Scribd page:

Do you want to know how we can help you with your challenges in water? Contact us by sending an e-mail to or contact your local DHI office.

Keeping the coastal communities of San Francisco Bay safe from floods

MIKE by DHI case story

Click here to read the full case story.

We helped the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) improve floodplain management practices for counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. We did so by examining the flood risks for the entire San Francisco Bay Area shoreline. Using MIKE 21, we developed 2D regional scale coastal models of the San Francisco Bay in order to predict: Extreme tide (astronomical tide plus storm surge), swell entering from the Pacific Ocean and sea waves generated from local winds in the Bay.

The data from our models provided robust and reliable region-wide information for flood risk analysis. As such, the results were key components for the development of Flood Insurance Study (FIS) floodplain maps for the entire Bay Area.


Upcoming events

Throughout the year, we arrange many interesting events for users around the world through THE ACADEMY by DHI. Below is a selection of upcoming events. For more information about our events, please visit our global courses and events calendar. The new and updated calendar makes it even easier to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the user group meeting, seminars and workshops that are relevant for you.

User Group Meeting

MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting and training courses
Nantes, France, 16-20 September 2013

The User Group Meeting takes place on 18 September and includes a blend of presentations of the new MIKE by DHI software features of Release 2012, discussion of future features and case studies presented by users from France and French speaking countries. Two training courses take place in conjunction with the User Group Meeting: On 16-17 September 'MIKE URBAN CS - Advanced modelling of urban collection systems' and on 19-20 September 'MIKE FLOOD - Advanced 1D and 2D river flood modelling'.

For more information, please view the User Group Meeting flyer (in French) or contact Mathieu Hellegouarch, THE ACADEMY by DHI Manager, DHI France.

User Group Meeting

Conference on advancements in water modelling
Delhi, India, 23-24 September 2013

In collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-Delhi) we host the two-day conference ‘Advancements in Water Modelling’ at IIT-Delhi. This conference brings together decision makers, industry experts and water modelling experts to share knowledge on various water modelling related issues and technologies for sustainable management of water resources. The event also provides a platform for discussing the challenges faced by Indian water resource experts and managers in terms of applying these technologies to Indian conditions. As a follow-up to the conference, DHI India is arranging a three-day course 'MIKE FLOOD - Integrated 1D and 2D river flood modelling' on 25-27 September at our office in Delhi.

For more information and registration, please view the conference flyer or contact DHI India.

User Group Meeting

MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting and MIKE FLOOD & Climate Change training course
Hanoi, Vietnam, 25-27 September 2013

The User Group Meeting provides you with a great opportunity to exchange ideas! The meeting includes a blend of presentations of new and upcoming software features and technologies, as well as practical case studies presented by MIKE by DHI experts and users from Vietnam. In conjunction with the User Group Meeting, a two-day training course on MIKE FLOOD (three-way coupling) and climate change takes place on 26-27 September.

For more information and registration, please view the User Group Meeting Flyer (Vietnamese version here; English version here) or contact Tran Thi Hong Hanh, DHI Vietnam

Past events

MIKE by DHI seminar in Cambodia

Seminar in Cambodia

On 2 July 2013, DHI Vietnam, in cooperation with Cambodia’s Department of Environmental Impact Assessment (under the Ministry of Environment), organised a seminar in Phnom Penh. The seminar focused on mathematical modelling in relation to flood forecasting, morphology and climate change.

Click here for more information.

Workshop about flood risk management in urban areas in Germany

Flooding seminar in Germany

Our workshop “Flood risk management in urban areas in Germany – an integrated approach of the flood circle” took place on 22-25 July 2013. We were pleased to get the opportunity to discuss with the 26 participants that attended our workshop in Syke, Dresden, Cologne and Munich. The interest in our solutions and products was a real success and we are proud to say that there will be workshops like this in future. For more information, please contact Christian Pohl, DHI Germany.

Successful MIKE by DHI training courses in India

MIKE by DHI training in India

In July and August 2013, several successful training courses were conducted by DHI India under THE ACADEMY by DHI. In July, we completed two three-day training courses, one on MIKE BASIN and the other on MIKE 21 Hydrodynamics (HD) using flexible mesh. In August, we conducted a month-long training programme on hydrological and hydraulic modelling for engineers of the Water Resource Department, Government of Assam as part of capacity building for a Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam (FREMAA) project.
Click here for more information.

Tailored MIKE 21 training in Perth in Australia

MIKE 21 training in Perth

On 7-8 August 2013, DHI Australia conducted MIKE 21 SW/BW training for two participants from Woodside, Australia’s largest oil and gas company. The training was conducted in our offices in Perth Western Australia. The participants came from Woodside’s Metocean department. The satisfaction with the impact of the two days training was evident and it was a very good opportunity to have a close dialogue with a very important customer in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Apart from the topical training, it gave us an opportunity to demonstrate some of our other more advanced technologies and solutions and further to gather understanding on the immediate and long term challenges Woodside is facing in their exploration and production operations.

Training courses

Courses and events calendar

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses and we have scheduled many interesting and educational courses in 2013.

Please visit our global courses and events calendar and check when courses are scheduled in your region and in your language. The new and improved calendar makes it even easier to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the courses that are relevant for you.

Highlighted MIKE by DHI training courses - September 2013

16 September

Advanced modelling of urban collection systems,
16-17 September - France
Contact: Colette Pépin

17 September

Integrated modelling of water quality in urban areas (WEST),
17-18 September - Denmark
Contact: Cornelia Sabine Höll

19 September

Advanced river flood modelling,
19-20 September - France
Contact: Colette Pépin

23 September

Integrated catchment modelling,
23-25 September - Canada
Contact: Barbara White

25 September

Integrated 1D and 2D river flood modelling,
25-27 September - India
Contact: Nakul Butta

26 September

Integrated pipes, channels and surface modelling,
26-27 September - Vietnam
Contact: Tran Thi Hong Hanh

View more View more


We have more than 40 highly dedicated support teams around the world – ready to help you. Go to the contact page on our website to find the relevant contact information for your local MIKE by DHI support team.

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