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October 2013

The NetWork - a community newsletter for MIKE by DHI users

Product news

Previews of MIKE by DHI release

Approximately once a year, we release a new version of MIKE by DHI software - and this year is no exception. We would like to disclose a preview, especially for our newsletter readers, of some of the new and exciting features to be released later this year. We hope these new features will improve your experience with our software products, regarding usability, productivity as well as enhanced applications.

MIKE Zero 2014 – beyond memory limitations

Software news

Unleash the full potential of your hardware with MIKE Zero release 2014.

MIKE Zero is the overall graphical user interface (GUI) framework for most of the MIKE by DHI products and the coming release will introduce the entire MIKE Zero framework to our users as a true 64-bit application. This completes the transition process of MIKE Zero based products from 32-bit applications with Windows operating system limitations on memory usage to unlimited and true 64-bit applications.

It includes all MIKE Zero user interface components, toolboxes and utilities as well as our computational engines.

Memory usage is now only limited by your hardware. Common, memory demanding operations such as high resolution mesh generation, results analysis and processing are now possible without any risk of limitations from built-in limitations within your PC’s operating system. Enjoy the unlimited capabilities of MIKE Zero with Release 2014 of MIKE by DHI!

Including overtopping in MIKE 21 and MIKE 3

Software news

In the last few years, there has been a growing focus on the phenomenon of overtopping of coastal structures like sea walls and other defence structures. This increased interest is due to more frequent loss of human life and economic losses.

In release 2014 of MIKE 21 HD and MIKE 3 HD (FM versions), we are introducing a new feature that gives you the possibility of including overtopping in your hydrodynamic simulations.

In release 2012, a new dike structure was introduced that made it possible to use this type of structures in a flexible manner. This dike structure has now been enhanced allowing you to choose either to directly specify the overtopping discharge or to have the overtopping discharge calculated by specifying a table that expresses the overflow as a function of the freeboard, wave height and period. The direct specification of overtopping can be constant or varying – both in time and along the dike.

When you choose to have the overtopping calculated, the dynamic variation of the simulation results is taken into account. We expect to introduce more developments of these aspects in upcoming versions.

Restore and recreate views in FEFLOW with the new scene library panel

Software news

The new Scene Library panel with different stored scenes and sub folders. Click on the image to enlarge.

The new FEFLOW 6.2 will feature a very convenient tool to store different views in your FEFLOW model or results files. Supermesh, slice, 3D and cross-section view settings can be stored in a Scene Library panel, which will allow you to easily restore or recreate views from stored scenes. The library will provide different filters and an option to create folders and lists in order to organise the stored scenes according to your preferences.

As an additional benefit, the provided import and export functionality will facilitate the creation of a large number of identical views in different model scenarios – all with just a few mouse clicks.

With this new feature, view windows no longer need to remain open in order not to lose the chosen view settings but can be stored in the Scene Library. This will require less memory usage and CPU time.

Application examples

Improving navigation of inland waterways in India

MIKE by DHI case story

Click here to read the full case story.

We helped the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) make a 330 kilometres stretch of the Allahabad-Ghazipur national waterway navigable. Considering the inherent advantages of inland waterway transportation, IWAI aims to make it an effective supplementary mode of transportation equal to rail and road transportation. We used a one-dimensional MIKE 11 model to simulate water levels for various flow conditions and sediment transport. The model and analyses resulted in a recommendation of a phased approach consisting of intermediate and long term measures. The solution included dredging at 24 locations and construction of three barrages to achieve least available depth of 3 metres for navigation in the waterway. By improving inland waterway transportation, IWAI will be able to achieve several benefits such as fuel efficiency, environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness.

Protecting lives and preventing property damage in Denmark’s Limfjord

MIKE by DHI case story

Click here to read the full case story.

We provided the Danish Costal Authority (DCA) the tools needed to examine challenges involving flooding in the Limfjord. Located in Northern Denmark, the Limfjord is an estuary with two openings, one of which is the Thyborøn Channel. Six cities situated around the fjord, have previously experienced flooding during storms.

Using MIKE 21 HD (our two-dimensional hydrodynamic modelling software) we established new high water statistics in the Limfjord. Our modelling helped to determine the correlation between erosion and storm surges, as well as the possible impact of climate change. As such, the DCA was able to advise the Danish Ministry of Transport on the best solution to alleviate the flooding risks.


Upcoming events

Throughout the year, we arrange many interesting events for users around the world through THE ACADEMY by DHI. Below is a selection of upcoming events. For more information about our events, please visit our global courses and events calendar. The calendar makes it easy to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the user group meeting, seminars and workshops that are relevant for you.


6th ‘Modelling of the World of Water’ seminar
Helsinki, Finland, 15 October 2013

The activities include presentations by our experts and applications by our Finish users. This is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and extend your skills in the application of mathematical water modelling and in particular coastal modelling. You will also have the opportunity to book an individual meeting with one of our experts.

For more information and registration, please view the flyer here or contact Marju Silander, DHI Finland.

User Group Meeting

MIKE User Group Meeting, opening of our office in Austria and MIKE URBAN training
Vienna, Austria, 15-16 October 2013

This year the Austrian MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting is arranged around three parallel tracks: water supply, urban drainage and groundwater modelling. The UGM is concluded by a reception to celebrate the opening of our new DHI Austria office. MIKE users and anybody interested in solving challenges in water environments using simulation models are invited to the opening. On Wednesday, 16 October, a one-day MIKE URBAN training course is given in German.

For more information and registration, please view the flyer here or contact DHI Austria.


DHI technical seminar series on 'Modelling water, habitats and aquatic species behaviour in a changing world'
Vancouver, Canada, 28 October 2013

Two of DHI’s top researchers within the field of the ecological management of water environments present the tools and technology used to develop environmental models. They discuss some of the more interesting applications of this technology in this field. The seminar includes discussions and show cases within the following three areas: Hydrodynamic modelling, habitat modelling and agent-based modelling.

For more information and registration, please view the seminar flyer here or contact Barbara White, DHI Canada

User Group Meeting

DHI seminars and MIKE by DHI User Group Meetings in Latin America, Spring 2014

Following previous years’ success in gathering our local users of MIKE by DHI software and other professionals interested in water, we are scheduling a number of one-day seminars in the first quarter of 2014. These User Group Meetings and seminars will focus on local user applications, the latest developments in our DHI technology and services including software demonstrations. We have planned a road show covering Mexico, Central America and northern part South America in February 2014 and another in the southern part of South America in March/April 2014. These seminars offer an excellent opportunity to learn more about real-world applications of our software technology. You will also be able to exchange experiences and ideas with fellow MIKE by DHI users and professionals working with water within urban areas, water resources, marine and mining in an informal atmosphere.

More information about dates, venues and programme for the seminars will soon be posted on our upcoming events calendar. For more information, contact Bo Henrik Mogensen or Alejandro Lasarte, DHI Brazil.

Past events

Inspiring User Group Meeting in France

UGM in France

On September 18, the French User Group Meeting was held at our office in Nantes. This year, the focus was on water resources and urban applications and users had the opportunity to discuss the latest software features and listen to presentations of software applications in recent projects. Prior to the event, many experienced MIKE URBAN users attended our two-day course on advanced modelling of collection systems with MIKE URBAN. The participants explored the advanced software features and were inspired by comparing working methods with people from different backgrounds.
Click here to read more.

Urban water management on the agenda at the User Group Meeting in Switzerland

UGM in Switzerland

On 11-12 September, we were able to welcome 20 participants to our User Group Meeting in Lucerne in Switzerland. The event centred on urban water management and the participants were introduced to novelties in our MIKE by DHI software as well presentations of various projects related to the areas of water supply, discharge and three-way coupling. Best modelling practice was discussed and the participants were shown solutions to their individual modelling challenges.
Click here to read more.

Our annual conference generated large amount of interest within the South African water sector

Annual South African Conference

On 14 August, DHI South Africa held the annual DHI conference focusing on “Improving Water Management in the SADC”. The conference generated a large amount of interest within the water sector in Southern Africa and attracted more than 80 participants from government, not-for-profit organisations, parastatals, academia and the private sector. The conference offered inspiring presentations and lively discussions about challenges faced in the water sector.
Click here to read more.

Tailored training conducted for DIPSOH Coastal Department in Argentina

Tailored training in Argentina

During July, our agent in Argentina conducted a tailored training course for the Sanitation and Water Works Provincial Direction (DIPSOH) of Buenos Aires. The training programme was composed of three parts and took place in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata. The course included educational field trips and insight into coastal modelling.
Click here to read more.

Integrated urban water systems (IUWS) course in Denmark

Integrated modelling of water quality for urban areas
This two-day thematic course, which was held at our headquarters in Denmark, provided the theoretical background for modelling integrated urban water systems (IUWS). It also demonstrated the capabilities to handle the complexity of such models in WEST 2014, which includes the new IUWS model library. In order to explore the new WEST models for the catchment, sewer and river water quality, we used a simplified urban system as the sample case for the hands-on practice. Finally, we illustrated a real-case in which an integrated system (750,000 PE) was optimised by identifying a set of both infrastructural and operational cost effective measures. These measures would guarantee a good water quality in the receiving river. We would like to thank Dr Lorenzo Benedetti and Dr Enrico Remigi, for sharing their superior knowledge and expertise in the field of IUWS modelling.

Training courses

Courses and events calendar

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses and we have scheduled many interesting and educational courses in 2013 and 2014.

Please visit our global courses and events calendar and check when courses are scheduled in your region and in your language. The new and improved calendar makes it even easier to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the courses that are relevant for you.

Highlighted MIKE by DHI training courses - October 2013

15 October

Hydrodynamic modelling using flexible mesh, spectral wave modelling and 2D ecological and water quality modelling,
15-17 October - USA
Contact: Barbara White

17 October

Introduction to the modelling of water distribution systems,
17-18 October - Austria
Contact: Thomas Telegdy

21 October

Introduction to River and Channel Modelling,
21-22 October - New Zealand
Contact: Rathika Jebamony

22 October

2D hydrodynamic modelling using flexible mesh,
22-23 October - Vietnam
Contact: Tran Thi Hong Hanh

23 October

Integrated catchment modelling,
23-24 October - Indonesia
Contact: Karen Chua

28 October

Integrated pipes, channels and surface modelling,
28 October - 1 November - China
Contact: Hui Huang

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