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November 2013

The NetWork - a community newsletter for MIKE by DHI users

FEFLOW and Leapfrog agree to develop complete groundwater modelling solution

We are pleased to inform you that DHI-WASY has signed an agreement with ARANZ Geo Ltd., developer of Leapfrog 3D geological modelling tools, to develop a complete groundwater modelling solution. Aiming at seamless integration, this is an important step in groundwater modelling. FEFLOW users can look forward to benefit from this integration and be able to provide better and more reliable modelling results to their clients in less time.

Click here for more information.

Development of new modelling tools for national marine water planning based on MIKE ECO Lab

New modelling tool based on ECO Lab, Photo: © Sverre Mohr Mortensen, DHI

Our ecological modelling software, MIKE ECO Lab, will be used in a new project with the aim to develop an advanced set of dynamic modelling tools, which will be the official tools for marine water planning in Denmark in the coming years.

The project is initiated as a collaboration between DHI and Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE). The project will develop and apply ecosystem models by using our MIKE by DHI software, MIKE ECO Lab, and addressing the governing coastal processes and ecosystem services such as sediment processes, sea grass, algal growth and oxygen depletion.

For more information, click here or contact Anders Erichsen, DHI.

You can also read more about ecological modelling by clicking the links below:

Product news

Previews of MIKE by DHI release

Approximately once a year, we release a new version of MIKE by DHI software - and this year is no exception. We would like to disclose a preview, especially for our newsletter readers, of some of the new and exciting features to be released in December. We hope these new features will improve your experience with our software products, regarding usability, productivity as well as enhanced applications.

New possibilities of including moving objects in your animations

Software news

Click here to view an example of the possibilities of this new feature.

Ever wanted to add moving objects to your animations? This is possible with Release 2014.

In the September issue of this newsletter, we included a preview of new features in MIKE Animator Plus in Release 2014. In this issue, we would like to show you an example of the possibilities of this new development.

With MIKE Animator Plus, you can create visual animations to present you model results – and as something new, you will be able to include visualisation of solids. Through the inclusion of solids, you can improve your animations significantly by enhancing realism and recognition of locations, for example by including fixed elements like buildings and dams or moving elements like ships. Release 2014 will support the placement of solids inside the model domain and allow them to move, which means that a ship can be sailing as part of the animation.

MIKE HYDRO Basin: Global prioritisation of water users

Software news

MIKE HYDRO Basin is our new generation of integrated river basin analysis software for water resources planning and management.

MIKE HYDRO Basin was introduced with the current release 2012, containing a large number of features relevant for integrated river basin management applications. Developments continue for MIKE HYDRO Basin and the new release will introduce another very interesting new feature to modellers of river basin water allocation schemes and resources management; Global Prioritisation.

With this new feature, it is now possible to include a user defined prioritisation of water users within the basin model - regardless of their geographical location within the basin. Thus, it highly increases the applicability of MIKE HYDRO Basin for specific types of water resources management applications.

The global prioritisation of water users are defined through ‘Ranking’ number definitions, where water consumers are assigned an individual ranking number. The ranking numbers are used during simulation to prioritise consumers, in case of water shortage, in order to accommodate the water demands for these - taking into account that some users have a higher priority than others.

Mesh Generation: A new tool for creating flexible meshes from dfs2 files and other sources

Software news

The combination of high flexibility of flexible meshes (FM) and impressive performance improvements, introduced in the latest releases of MIKE by DHI, make the use of FM versions of MIKE 21, MIKE 3 and MIKE FLOOD even more attractive. Improvements in recent releases include, amongst others, the introduction of shared memory based parallelisation, porting of simulation engines to LINUX and, in Release 2014, supporting Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) for MIKE 21 HD FM.

In order to assist those, who want to transfer existing models or bathymetries into the FM system, Release 2014 will contain a new tool, aimed to convert bathymetries in other formats into FM format.

The new Mesh Converter is included in the MIKE Zero Toolbox and supports DHI’s own format from the ‘classic’ modelling series, dfs2 as well as some external formats (ADCIRC, SMS, TUFLOW). The process is quick and easy and produces an equal bathymetry in FM format, which can then be modified using all the existing editing facilities of MIKE Zero’s Mesh Generator.

New features in FEFLOW 6.2

FEFLOW 6.2 offers a number of new features to enhance your groundwater modelling work.

Software news

Groundwater age calculation in FEFLOW 6.2
Groundwater Age is a new type of problem class, similar to mass or heat transport. With this, many questions can be easily answered, such as:

  • How long is the average underground travel time of water pumped at a well?
  • What‘s the percentage of bank filtration at the supply wells?
  • What‘s the age and remaining travel time of groundwater at a certain location?

New storage capture/release component in FEFLOW 6.2
Storage Capture/Release is a new component in the Rate Budget and Period Budget Panels for flow and transport in FEFLOW 6.2. With this new component, you can clearly separate storage change and solution error in transient models.

Increased performance with new MIKE 1D features in MIKE URBAN

In 2012, we introduced a new generic 1D numerical engine for MIKE by DHI products. With the upcoming release of MIKE URBAN 2014, a number of new features for MIKE 1D will be available such as:

  • coupling to MIKE SHE
  • options for Advection-Dispersion modelling
  • result presentation in MIKE URBAN
  • and many more…

MIKE 1D is parallelised and makes use of multicore PCs, which means that most users will experience higher modelling performance. Now is the time to start using MIKE 1D in your new modelling projects!

Strengthening wastewater modelling projects with new features in WEST 2014

Our WEST software package, for modelling wastewater treatment plants, has quickly established itself as an important product in the MIKE by DHI family with a growing number of users all over the world. Release 2014 includes several important new features, including:

  • New Report Generator, which enables the user to automatically create reports containing graphs and data pertaining to a project in a variety of formats including: project information, plant layout, plots and tables.
  • Integrated urban water system (IUWS) libraries, making WEST a powerful tool for identifying synergies and to globally optimise the wastewater system performance on a catchment scale.

Inclusion of plant wide model (PWM) in the WEST 2014 model library

We are also pleased to inform you that Release 2014 of WEST will include a plant wide model (PWM) for simulating nutrient removal activated sludge systems.

The plant wide model, ‘PWM_SA’, is a three phase model for the simulation of nutrient removal activated sludge systems coupled with the anaerobic (organisms independent of oxygen), aerobic (organisms dependent on oxygen) and anoxic-aerobic digestion of sewage sludge. This includes waste activated sludge produced by biological excess phosphorus removal plants. The model is based on strict material mass balance and is prepared by linking:

  1. a variation of ASM2 for activated sludge nitrogen and phosphorus removal and aerobic or anoxic–aerobic digestion
  2. a variation of the UCT anaerobic digestion model.

The main extensions to the original models are through their integration within a three phase mixed weak acid/base chemical and physical processes models of the inorganic carbon, ammonia, acetate, propionate and phosphate systems.

The plant wide model is developed jointly by our WEST Development Centres, the Universities of Cape Town (UCT) and kwaZulu-Natal in South Africa.

Application examples

Saving resources and improving wastewater treatment performance at the same time

MIKE by DHI case story

Click here to read the full case story.

Québec City in Canada invested in chemical enhancement of its wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) by installing alum addition in its existing primary clarification process. Despite promising results in preliminary tests, the designed chemical dosage seemed to over-perform causing chemical supply costs to be unsustainably high. In order to reduce chemical use while keeping good effluent quality, the city initiated a study to gain a better understanding of the dynamic effects of alum addition in primary treatment. The aim was to design an appropriate automatic controller able to maintain performance at reduced resources. The city applied a model-based approach using our WEST software, which allowed it to test different control strategies and settings in a cost-effective way without jeopardising operational stability and performance.


Upcoming events

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we have arranged many interesting events for users around the world. Below is a selection of events, which are scheduled for 2014. For more information about our events, please visit our global courses and events calendar. The calendar makes it easy to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the user group meetings, seminars and workshops that are relevant for you.

User Group Meeting

MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting in Perth, Australia
24 February 2014

On 24 February 2014, the Australian User Group Meeting will take place in Perth. The User Group Meeting is a good opportunity for Australian water professionals to network and discuss their work and experiences with other MIKE by DHI users and our DHI experts. Information about the venue and programme will be uploaded to our upcoming events calendar.

For more information and registration, please contact Amanda Wellspring, DHI Australia.

User Group Meeting

Joint Norwegian and Swedish MIKE by DHI User Conference in Stockholm, Sweden
4-5 March 2014

A conference for everyone interested in modelling of water and environment! Join us at this conference for a presentation of the latest developments and upcoming features in our MIKE by DHI software. A unique opportunity to discuss questions with local experts and network with other MIKE by DHI users. The conference will take place at Stockholm City Conference Center (Norra Latin) and the programme will be available at our upcoming events calendar.

For more information and registration, please contact Tomas Eidsmo, DHI Norway or Sten Blomgren, DHI Sweden.


DHI Middle East Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11-12 March 2014

This third DHI Middle East Conference will be held on 11 March 2014 in Dubai, UAE. The conference will cover solutions and MIKE by DHI software topics, including new software features and technologies. It will include a mixture of presentations of practical case studies presented by our Middle East clients and software users as well as by our DHI experts. On the following day, 12 March, we have organised specialised seminars at the same venue and two days prior to the conference, you have the opportunity to join a course on MIKE 21/3 HD Flow Model (HD FM).

For more information and registration, please contact Muawieh Radaideh, DHI Middle East.

User Group Meeting

MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting in Cologne, Germany
11-13 March 2014

The German User Group Meeting will be held at the Maritim Hotel in Cologne on 11-13 March 2014. This year, the event will bring together professionals working with water resources and municipal water and, as something new, groundwater (FEFLOW). There is an ever increasing trend for combined modelling and we would like to enhance your knowledge of integrated solutions in order for you to create value in your work. The User Group Meeting will consist of parallel sessions in which there will be rich opportunity for discussion and sharing knowledge about integrated solutions and model coupling.

Sign up for the event, meet us and other MIKE by DHI users and expand your professional network.

For more information and registration, please contact Heike Stoschek, DHI Germany.

Past events

35 participants gathered in Vancouver to attend the first North American ABM Seminar

ABM seminar in Vancouver

On 28 October, our office in Canada hosted the first North American Agent Based Modelling (ABM) seminar entitled ‘Modelling Water, Habitats and Aquatic Species Behaviour in a Changing World’. The seminar was held at St. Regis Hotel in Vancouver and attracted a wide variety of participants involved in managing and monitoring aquatic species habitats. The seminar offered presentations of the tools and technology used to develop environmental models, including our ABM Lab module and examples of interesting applications within this field. Click here for more information.

More than 300 participants attended the Italian DHI conference

DHI conference Italy

On 9-10 October, our Italian office held the biennial DHI conference, which was attended by more than 300 water professionals from all over Italy. The conference offered numerous project presentations and opportunities of networking, discussion and reflection on challenges faced in the Italian water sector and on the role of DHI.
Click here for more information.

Water community in Taiwan gathered for discussions and knowledge sharing

International community conference in Taiwan

On 14 October, we held the ‘International community conference of MIKE by DHI and DHI Conference’ in Taiwan. The conference was organised in collaboration with Hungkuang University in Taiwan with the aim of bringing together decision makers as well as industry and water modelling experts to share our experiences on river morphology, sediment in reservoir and estuary, water quality management and much more. Click here for more information.

Productive WEST development workshop in Narbonne in France

Tailored training in Argentina

Left to right: Paloma Grau, Enrico Remigi (DHI), Jean-Philippe Steyer, George Ekama and Peter Vanrolleghem

On 22 September, our WEST team organised a one day workshop in Narbonne in France. The workshop was held in the wake of the Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA 2013) in order to allow the overseas WEST Development Centres (University of Cape Town in South Africa and modelEAU in Canada) to participate. The aim of the workshop was to finalise the plant wide model (PWM), described earlier in this newsletter, to be included in WEST 2014. We are very grateful to Prof George Ekama from UCT, Prof Peter Vanrolleghem from modelEAU and Dr Paloma Grau from CEIT in Spain for giving up their free time on a Sunday in Southern France. We would also like to thank our host, Prof Jean-Philippe Steyer, director of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), for allowing us to use the institute’s facilities and for contributing to an enjoyable event.

Training courses

Courses and events calendar

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses and we have scheduled many interesting and educational courses in 2013 and 2014.

Please visit our global courses and events calendar and check when courses are scheduled in your region and in your language. With the option of using the search and filter function, the calendar makes it easy to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the courses that are relevant for you.

Highlighted MIKE by DHI training courses - November 2013

20 November

2D hydrodynamic modelling using flexible mesh
20-22 November - India
Contact: Nakul Butta

20 November

Introduction to river and channel modelling
20-22 November - Turkey
Contact: Joan Lehmann

25 November

Introduction and advanced topics
25-29 November - Germany
Contact: Karen Bossel

25 November

A three-day course for the mining community covering concepts and practical applications
25-29 November - Brazil
Contact: Nilson Guiguer

25 November

A practical course in integrated surface and groundwater modelling in mining areas
25-29 November - Brazil
Contact: Nilson Guiguer

27 November

Introduction to the modelling of water distribution systems
27-28 November - Sweden
Contact: Sten Blomgren

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