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July 2013

The NetWork - a community newsletter for MIKE by DHI users

Visit our new THE ACADEMY by DHI website and online courses and events calendar

In January 2013, THE ACADEMY by DHI was formed combining our global training and knowledge sharing activities – and now it becomes easier to find the information you need about what we have to offer. By 1 July, we have launched our new THE ACADEMY by DHI website. This global site provides an overview of our activities related to training, knowledge sharing, university collaboration as well as information about Aqua Republica and Women’s Water Fund.

Among important new features are a global courses and events calendar and an overview of our publications. In the courses and events calendar you can search our activities by course type, location and topic. The calendar gives easy access to information about courses in your language and region and provides you with a full description of the content.

When you click the Scientific Publications tab you will find an overview of publications with significant DHI contribution. Here you can search publications by author, type and topic and get a link to the paper.

Our website gives many new opportunities for knowledge sharing and participation in our activities. We invite you to take a closer look at

High Performance Computing (HPC) deployed at Griffith University in Australia

Griffith Centre for Coastal Management at Griffith University in Australia has implemented our MIKE by DHI software on their High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster. This is part of a two-year research project to improve decision making tools for emergency management in the event of storm surge due to tropical cyclones. We support the project by:

  • providing MIKE by DHI software
  • installing and implementing the software as a LINUX platform at Griffith University’s HPC facilities
  • providing technical project support

The project aims to test the capability of real-time storm surge inundation forecasting for Queensland. It will also produce appropriate storm surge hazard communication and educational materials for emergency managers at a state and local level.

Click here for more information.

Application examples

Regulation of groundwater levels in Schönebeck, Germany

MIKE by DHI case story

Click here to read the full case story.

The town of Schönebeck in Germany experienced challenges with regard to their groundwater, including increasing water levels. The high water levels were a consequence of several issues causing problems for the town’s water infrastructure, such as changes in the drinking water supply and on-going renovations of the sewer systems. DHI-WASY was contracted by University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal to find the best possible measure of regulating groundwater levels.

By detailed analyses and development of a coupled hydrological model system using FEFLOW, they found dewatering wells to be the best possible solution to the town’s challenges.

Hydropower load rejection modelling with MIKE 11 in Canada

MIKE by DHI case story

Click here to read the full case story.

Hydro-Québec generates, transmits and distributes electricity and is currently operating 60 hydroelectric generating stations throughout Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Occasionally, a station may experience a load rejection, where the load is suddenly removed from the generator. This causes a stopped turbine to rotate if a downstream safety device, such as a gate or stop logs, is not put in place.

Hydro-Québec selected MIKE 11 to evaluate the feasibility of using a numerical model to estimate the water level response in the tail race due to a typical load rejection scenario. Being able to simulate and accurately replicate physical tests for their many generating stations will reduce risk and save money in the future.

Improving oil spill modelling with oceanographic forecasts in Trinidad and Tobago

Case story

Click here to read the full case story.

We provided our client, Coastal Dynamics Limited (CDL), with the necessary software and knowhow for in-depth oceanographic forecasting and 3D hydrodynamic modelling setups.Their new forecast system is set to commence operations in 2013.

An oil spill can cause havoc leaving widespread ecological and wildlife devastation in its wake. Thus, it has become crucial to model probable oil spills and their impacts in order to mitigate the destructive consequences of such spills. CDL wanted to improve their services, with respect to better current information. In order to meet the demand for quality hydrodynamic (current) forecast data, we provided our expertise and software in the form of a calibrated MIKE 3 FM model running daily forecasts of currents, water levels and oil spill scenarios.

Join an online presentation

Online presentations

Join an online presentation and learn more about what MIKE by DHI software can do for you. If you are interested in learning more about what our software can do for you, these presentations are at your assistance. They are designed to inform and identify what our software can do to match your requirements. Furthermore, they are highly flexible, so if the times of the scheduled presentations do not suit you, it is possible to schedule presentations on individual basis, tailored to your specific requirements.

For more information or to join a presentation, click here.


Upcoming events

Throughout the year, we arrange many interesting events for users around the world through THE ACADEMY by DHI. Below is a selection of upcoming events. For more information about our events, please visit our global courses and events calendar. The new and updated calendar makes it even easier to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the user group meeting, seminars and workshops that are relevant for you.


Workshop about flood risk management in urban areas in Germany
22-25 July 2013

The workshop ‘Flood risk management in urban areas’ is focused on the recent severe flooding in Germany. The topics will cover how floods occur and what can be done to minimise the risk and damage following a flood. This workshop takes place on 22 July in Syke, 23 July in Dresden, 24 July in Köln and 25 July in Munich. Deadline for registration is 17 July 2013.

For more information and registration, please view the workshop flyer here (in German) or contact Heike Stoschek, Customer Care Unit, DHI-WASY, Germany.

User Group Meeting

Annual MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting in Lucerne, Switzerland
11-12 September 2013

The User Group Meeting will include a mixture of presentations of new software features and technologies, as well as practical case studies presented by Swiss users.
Everybody interested in MIKE by DHI software is welcome to join the seminar which will be presented in German!

For more information and registration, please please view the workshop flyer here (in German) or contact Heike Stoschek, Customer Care Unit, DHI-WASY, Germany.

User Group Meeting

MIKE by DHI User Group Meeting and training courses in Nantes, France
16-20 September 2013

The User Group Meeting (UGM) takes place on 18 September and includes a blend of presentations of the new MIKE by DHI software features of Release 2012, discussion of future features and case studies presented by users from France and French speaking countries. Two training courses take place in conjunction with the User Group Meeting: On 16-17 September 'MIKE URBAN CS - Advanced modelling of urban collection systems' and on 19-20 September 'MIKE FLOOD - Advanced 1D and 2D river flood modelling'.

For more information, please view the User Group Meeting flyer (in French) or contact Mathieu Hellegouarch, THE ACADEMY by DHI Manager, DHI France.

Past events

Large turnout at the annual User Group Meeting in Thailand

UGM in Thailand

On 27-28 June, 225 participants gathered at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok in Thailand for the annual User Group Meeting. The focus was on ‘Mathematical modelling for real world water management’. The participants had the opportunity to learn about software features and technologies, case studies from invited key note speakers and attend hands-on training in MIKE HYDRO Basin and MIKE 21 Flexible Mesh. Click here for more information.

Improving know-how and decision making with MIKE 11 courses in Shanghai

MIKE 11 training in Shanghai

We recently held two successful MIKE 11 training courses in Shanghai in China. From 17-21 June, 40 participants gathered at the New Garden Hotel in Shanghai for a five-day public training course. Based on the latest version of our software, the participants obtained software know-how and understanding of decision making. On 22 June, an advanced training course was held at our office in Shanghai.
Click here for more information.

Water and renewable energies on the agenda at the 16th DUC in Japan

DHI User Conference in Japan

We recently held two successful DHI User Conferences (DUCs) in Japan – and this year the focus was on ‘Water and renewable energies’. On 28 and 30 May 2013, more than 80 professionals from all water related fields gathered in Tokyo and Osaka to hear about the most recent news in MIKE by DHI software, general DHI news and developments and presentations by distinguished invited speakers.
Click here for more information.

Collaborative training on tidal energy – a successful first venture in the UK

Collaborative training on tidal energy

On 30 May 2013, THE ACADEMY by DHI co-hosted a full one-day MIKE by DHI training course in the use of MIKE 21 FM HD. This was a part of a Doctoral Training Programme course by Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), which was held at the Queen’s Marine Laboratory in Portaferry during the week 27-31 May 2013. Click here for more information.

Training courses

Courses and events calendar

Through THE ACADEMY by DHI, we offer a wide variety of training courses and we have scheduled many interesting and educational courses in 2013.

Please visit our global courses and events calendar and check when courses are scheduled in your region and in your language. The new and improved calendar makes it even easier to get a quick overview of our offerings and to find the courses that are relevant for you.

Highlighted MIKE by DHI training courses - July 2013

24 july MIKE FLOOD
Integrated pipes, channels and surface modelling, 24-26 July - Japan
Contact: Francois Salesse
24 july FEFLOW
Introduction to groundwater modelling, 24-26 July - South Africa
Contact: Cornelia Sabine Höll
2D hydrodynamic modelling using flexible mesh, 24-26 July - India
Contact: Nakul Butta
30 july MIKE 21/3 ECO LAB
2D and 3D water quality and ecological modelling, 30 July - Vietnam
Contact: Tran Thi Hong Hanh
View more


We have more than 40 highly dedicated support teams around the world – ready to help you. Go to the contact page on our website to find the relevant contact information for your local MIKE by DHI support team.

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