2D modelling of coast and sea

MIKE 21 is by far the most versatile tool for coastal modelling. If you need to simulate physical, chemical or biological processes in coastal or marine areas, MIKE 21 has the tools you need.


  • MIKE 21 is proven technology. No other modelling package has been used for as many coastal and marine engineering projects around the world as MIKE 21.
  • The recipe for the unique success of MIKE 21 is simple. It gives you maximum flexibility, higher productivity and full confidence in the results.
  • Also, MIKE 21 is much more than just the right tool for your project. It also gives access to other benefits of MIKE software products, including unparalleled technical support, training courses and access to DHI’s expertise and know-how regardless of where you are in the world.
  • MIKE 21 also comes with a wealth of first class tools that enhance and ease modelling possibilities.


The following is a small subset of the almost endless list of possible MIKE 21 applications:

  • design of data assessment for coastal and offshore structures
  • optimisation of port layouts and coastal protection measures
  • cooling water, desalination and recirculation analysis 
  • optimisation of coastal outfalls
  • environmental impact assessment of marine infrastructures
  • ecological modelling including optimisation of aquaculture systems
  • optimisation of renewable energy systems
  • water forecast for safe marine operations and navigation
  • coastal flooding and storm surge warnings
  • inland flooding and overland flow modelling